Dielle Ciesco

Dielle is a yoga teacher, author of two books, and artist. She's especially keen on meme-busting, taking an unquestioned idea that people use to justify how they feel and revealing it for what it is, a self-limiting trap.

Sacred Artistry & Living a Higher Octave Life
5 months ago
I've been writing about path and purpose—how we can never really be off path or without purpose, not really. And last time, I wrote about the multidimenional nature of our path—how our path has a sort...
It's Not the Path but the Way You Walk It
6 months ago
In my last post, I wrote about the fear-based idea that a person can ever be off their path. We can never be living someone else's dream or walking anyone else's path. The only one in your body is you...
Spiritual Bullsh*t: 'Off Path'
6 months ago
I peruse a lot of social media groups that cater to what I guess I'd call "a spiritual mindset." I'm often shocked to see the kind of ideas out there that one would think "being spiritual" would lead ...