David McCleary

Holistic health practitioner. Believes in using natural remedies over traditional medications whenever possible. Volunteers at a recycling plant.

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Best Essential Oil Diffusers
2 years ago
Whether or not you believe in the effects of aromatherapy, you can definitely enjoy the good scents and humidifying properties of the best essential oil diffusers. Technology has allowed us to combine...
Herbs For Magic
2 years ago
Plants have always seemed magical to me, from the miracle of a small seed turning into a gigantic, floppy plant, which gaily proliferates throughout the garden, to the healing effects of an herbal tea...
MegaFood Multivitamins
3 years ago
MegaFood's scientific breakthrough put them 10 years ahead of all “natural" vitamin manufacturers who rely on laboratory processes to refine and manufacture—not GROW—their supplements. MegaFood was st...
Natural Home Beauty Tips
3 years ago
Shopping for beauty supplies in a supermarket is something you'll find a lot of people doing these days whether it's for the brand names or the basic ingredients for making your own at home. Since the...
How to Know...and Slow...How Fast You’re Aging
3 years ago
Wе all have a personal aging pattern that has little to do with the calendar and everything to do with how well we cope with stress, how successful we are at relationships, and whether we approach lif...
How Exposed Is Your Immune System to Chemicals in the Air?
3 years ago
As citizens of the 21st century, we are guinea pigs in an unprecedented worldwide experiment. No one is in charge of the research, nor have we been asked to participate in the experiment. But we all h...