David McCleary

Holistic health practitioner. Believes in using natural remedies over traditional medications whenever possible. Volunteers at a recycling plant.

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Clean Eating Recipes for Beginners
4 months ago
These recipes are meant for people who are searching for tasty foods without the calories, carbs, and high sugar intake. You will quickly love these clean eating recipes and forget that the food you'r...
Sports That Do Damage to Your Body
4 months ago
Sports are all fun and games until someone ends up hurt. Kids are very likely to get hurt while playing youth sports. However, it's a good idea for kids to play sports since they can lead to successfu...
Natural Remedies for a UTI
a year ago
To use natural remedies for a UTI effectively, it is essential to understand what UTIs really are. Urinary tract infections are the most common form of bacterial infection. They are more common in wom...
Health Benefits of Coconuts
a year ago
If you are looking for natural ways to improve your well-being, chances are you know at least some of the health benefits of coconuts. This wonder fruit is making waves in the world of natural health ...
Best On-The-Go Meditation Places
a year ago
Of course meditating in the serene zen garden in your backyard is ideal, but it also may not be realistic depending on your living situation, which leaves us many people looking for suitable on-the-go...
Benefits of Rooibos Tea
a year ago
The health benefits of rooibos tea are many. So many in fact, that it appears to be an all around remedy for most any ailment. It seems to help with almost anything, from headaches, insomnia, and irri...