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Best iPhone Fitness Apps to Beat Cabin Fever
7 months ago
The best way to slide out of a cabin fever slump is to get moving, find natural sunlight, and engage in cognitive activity - and there’s no better way to do that than with the best fitness apps to bea...
Amazing Facts About the Human Body
9 months ago
Most people fart about 14 times a day. Now look around your office or home. How many farts occur daily in that space? *Cringe* I’m not trying to gross you out here! I’m trying to inform you with amazi...
Most Commonly Believed Myths About Life
a year ago
Knowledge is power. The more knowledge you have, the more power you can obtain in your private and professional life. But what about the knowledge that you THINK you have. Sometimes, the facts that we...
Most Useful Life Hacks
a year ago
Life can get the best of us sometimes. Luckily for all of us who seem to be fumbling through life, there are plenty of useful life hacks to make your life easier. Have you ever been doing something an...
What is Reiki Healing?
a year ago
Energy medicine has been used to treat ailments in Eastern cultures for thousands of years. While there are many variations of energy healing, one specific one has been becoming more and more popular:...
Health Benefits of Juicing
a year ago
Juicing is a method of consuming raw vegetables and fruits that is widely practiced by naturalists, raw foodies and vegans everywhere. With a break into mainstream America that began in the late 1990'...