Daniel Sosa-Porter

Daniel is a writer, playwright, actor, cinephile, aspiring renaissance man, and an extreme dork. The nerdiness that runs through his veins is what allows him to write a variety of excellent articles and post them online.

I Tried the "One Punch Man" Workout for a Week
a year ago
100 Push Ups. 100 Sit Ups. 100 Squats. 10 Kilometer Run. EVERY. DAY. These are the workout guidelines for Saitama (AKA One Punch Man) the bald protagonist of One Punch Man, who wields godlike powers t...
How To Reach Your Fitness Goals
a year ago
Our world is obsessed with image. Everywhere you go there is an astounding exertion of pressure on people to look a certain way, from the people in your favorite bits of media to the everyday advertis...