Danica Shardae

I am an oklahoma girl with multitudes of Ideas and stories to share with other readers .

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I Am Suffering With Chronic Pain. I Am Not Lazy
3 months ago
I want to talk some more about my condition. I know I have expressed some about Auto Immune Diseases, but today I have a new point to make. Chronic pain is a serious issue and fibromyalgia fits in tha...
Missing My Childhood
3 months ago
As an adult who works and sleeps and basically does nothing else, I have come to the conclusion, at 24, that "adulting" sucks, and I want my money back. If only it were that easy!! I would love to go ...
Living Life with Fibromyalgia
3 months ago
Fibromyalgia. It is a common condition that is defined as "widespread muscle pain and tenderness." But anyone with a chronic pain disorder that was lucky enough to get thrown into the 'fibro' category...