Danica Shardae

I am an oklahoma girl with multitudes of Ideas and stories to share with other readers .

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My Body, My Curse
6 months ago
Sometimes pain can become a constant thing in your life. It can become something so common that it can become easy to forget about like breathing until it gets worse. Most of the time my life is const...
I Am Suffering With Chronic Pain. I Am Not Lazy
a year ago
I want to talk some more about my condition. I know I have expressed some about Auto Immune Diseases, but today I have a new point to make. Chronic pain is a serious issue and fibromyalgia fits in tha...
Missing My Childhood
a year ago
As an adult who works and sleeps and basically does nothing else, I have come to the conclusion, at 24, that "adulting" sucks, and I want my money back. If only it were that easy!! I would love to go ...
Living Life with Fibromyalgia
a year ago
Fibromyalgia. It is a common condition that is defined as "widespread muscle pain and tenderness." But anyone with a chronic pain disorder that was lucky enough to get thrown into the 'fibro' category...