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Cosmas Nwokafor

Founder, CosCom Inc.

In addition to serving as a senior writer for CosCom Writers, Cosmas Nwokafor is a photographer, a journalist, editor, freelance writer and a novelist who is passionate about telling creative stories. 

How to Drink Water to Prevent Bad Breath and Sweat Odor
6 days ago
As an etiquette when dealing with people, bad breath and sweat odor are embarrassing. It is quite difficult to notice the smell of oneself by yourself, but if possible, it is better to prevent it so t...
Purify the Body – Using the Detoxification Agent
a year ago
"Supply the body with new substances and to liberate it from waste to the last corner. The body can usually dispose of the waste that is produced on a daily basis via its excretory mechanisms. However...
Anti-Cellulite – What Foods Can Help?
a year ago
Discover the foods that will be your allies in the war against cellulite. In the face of cellulite, any help is good. It appears, in general, for a low fiber diet and, in turn, it is rich in carbohydr...