Claire Raymond

Claire is an author, editor and copywriter from the UK, with over 12 years of experience she covers a wide range of subject matter. 

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Getting Help For Your Depression
10 months ago
There are two main kinds of help for depression, medication and counseling/therapy. And one of the biggest myths about medication is that once you start taking antidepressants you will have to keep ta...
Depression: What It Isn't
10 months ago
Depression is incredibly hard to describe, one of the reasons I think it is so difficult is because everyone's experience of depression is totally different. Being depressed means different things to ...
Telling Someone About Your Depression
10 months ago
Telling someone that you are suffering with depression isn't easy, the judgmental stigma that is attached to mental health, coupled with people's misunderstandings can make talking about it seem like ...
Living With Depression: You Are Not Alone
10 months ago
Having lived with depression since I was about fifteen years old, I have been incredibly lucky. "Lucky" may sound like an odd word to use in regards to depression, but I have been through and dealt wi...