Claire Peters

Does Disability Cover the Costs for Assisted Living?
3 months ago
According to the US Census Bureau, approximately 56.7 million people are living with a disability in our country alone. And many of these people live in assisted living facilities. This type of housin...
Will Social Security Disability Pay for In-Home Health Care?
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No one will ever tell you that getting the disability benefits to which you’re entitled is easy. It can be a lengthy and confusing process that leaves many frustrated, and ready to give up. But one qu...
Tips for Thriving with a Disability
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Living with a disability can be frustrating. Some disabilities make everyday tasks a little more difficult, while others make them almost impossible. But no matter what your challenge is, there is oft...
Why Is it Important to Reduce Exposure to X-Ray Radiation?
5 months ago
X-rays, or electromagnetic radiation waves, have been an incredible asset to modern medicine and dental services, since their discovery in 1895. These invisible waves pass very easily through soft tis...
What Is Tinnitus?
5 months ago
For millions of Americans, the world is never totally quiet. If you hear a ringing or buzzing in your ears—whether it is a faint and distant sound, or a constant annoying presence—then you may be amon...
Best Ways to Use Lavender Oil
5 months ago
Essential oils are great for making you feel good and look good. Lavender oil is one of these multi-use oils, as it helps you look nourished and feel healthier.