Carolann Sherwood

Professional nurse for over 40 years

Owned a children's daycare, eight years

Owned an upper scale clothing resale shop

A freelance writer 

Editor since 2010 on a writing platform site

A published author, "Return To The Past" available on Amazon

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The Wonderful World of Herbs
a year ago
You can find herbs in cooking and baking recipes and medicine. You cook with herbs to bring out the full flavor of foods. Include herbs every day in meals to heal the body. Herbs are all around you. M...
Treating the Whole Body
a year ago
I would be one of first to hail modern medicine. Traditional medicine has come far from where it was years ago. Modern medicine saves lives every day, but sometimes at a cost of unwanted side effects....
Advanced Directives
a year ago
You may ask, what are ADVs and why do I need them? Who signs my advanced directives? If you have visited your doctor, hospital emergency room, or admitted to the hospital, these representatives may as...
You Deserve Optimum Healthcare
a year ago
Gone are the days the traditional doctor took care of every facet of your health care. Primary doctors, no longer carry an array of expertise to care for all the diagnoses they give you. Gone are the ...
Is Silver More Valuable in Your Pocket or Your Body?
a year ago
Remember that every product on the market today offers pros and cons. No one product is perfect.
Quirky Baby Boomers
a year ago
Are the good old days gone? I often think about the baby boomers. I am a baby boomer and suddenly find myself at the top of the family ladder. I now sit in the place once reserved for my grandparents ...