Brandon Krogel

I'm an aspiring musician, writer and filmmaker. I love to create and find the beauty in life. My goal is to translate deep emotion into artistic works and to make a positive difference in the world.

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10 Ways to Cope with Insomnia
9 months ago
Sleep is a basic and necessary human function. Yet with all the advancements in modern science and medicine, we still don’t know what sleep ultimately does. When you really think on how little we know...
The Beauty and Power of Surrender
2 years ago
Have you ever found that the more you try to control something the less control you seem to have? Or perhaps you've heard the saying, "You'll never find it if you're looking for it." How about that ti...
Why We Need To Change How We Look At The Face Of Addiction
2 years ago
Chances are you know or have interacted with someone who suffers from drug addiction. For me, I've seen it my whole life. I was introduced to this pervading illness and the effect it has on those arou...
How To Manage Fear When You're Fearing The Worst
2 years ago
Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions we can endure. It's consuming nature can overwhelm our thoughts, dominate our emotions and negatively influence our behavior. It is a mysteriously dark ...