BambooMoves Forest Hills

BambooMoves Forest Hills is a yoga studio and community center offering nutritional programs, workshops and healing. We believe that everyone can experience more peace and happiness–one smile, one breath, one move at a time.

Be Receptive To Change
2 years ago
In 2007, I started dating a man who lived in Queens, we moved in together because he insisted that he needed to walk me to and from the yoga studio where I practiced. When I lived in Manhattan, it was...
'Perform Your Dutiful Action without Attachment.'
2 years ago
This is posted in our office here at BambooMoves, Forest Hills. I love the conciseness of it and the message it conveys. And it makes perfect sense for it to be a mantra (phrase) for our staff, but re...
How to Use the Neti Pot
2 years ago
Important Tips On How to Use the Neti Pot People often tip their head down while doing the Neti so water will go up into the nose or down the back of the throat. Think of the Wood Labyrinth Game, you have to turn every thing just right to get the marble to go slowly in the right direction. Same with the water, keep the head more or less level to feel where your starting point it, then move the head accordingly to guide the water through to come out the other nostril. It is an odd feeling having ...
A Glimpse of My Pilgrimage
2 years ago
For the past two years, I have been struggling with my seated meditation practice. I was given my personal mantra from my teacher in 2011 at Himalayan Institute in Honesdale, PA. It has been an amazin...
What is Practice?
2 years ago
Sutra 1.13: Ardent effort to retain the peaceful flow of mind free of roaming tendencies is abhyasa.(samadhi pada, translation by Pandit Rajmani tigunait) Students often ask, "What do you mean by a ho...
Start Your Meditation with Contemplation
2 years ago
When I first started meditating it was so difficult. My mind was everywhere and with each thought a strong emotion followed. I felt like I was on an emotional roller coaster and thought, “why in the h...