BambooMoves Englewood

Honoring the ancient teachings of yoga, BambooMoves Englewood is a welcoming community for people of all backgrounds to train their body, mind, and spirit in a nurturing yet challenging practice. 

Dharana - Concentration
2 years ago
“True concentration is an unbroken thread of awareness. Yoga is about how the Will, working with intelligence and the self-reflexive consciousness, can free us from the inevitably of the wavering mind...
Moving Into Stillness
2 years ago
“I am always at the beginning” —The Aged Buddha, on being asked what life was like. As the holidays come to an end and winter settles in there’s a beautiful yin energy; introspective and still, that p...
Self Care Rituals
2 years ago
Why is self care always the first thing to go when life “gets in the way” when it should be our number one priority? Isn’t our body supposed to be our temple? It should be treated with the utmost resp...