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Springtime and Rune Magick: The Runic Book of Days [Book Recommendation]
a month ago
I'm in a position where I must bet on myself or bet on a system that may or may not take care of me. I know for a fact that if the system doesn't have art or doesn't let me create art, I'll die. I've ...
Throat Chakra and Inner Truth Crystals and Gemstones
5 months ago
If you already know what the throat chakra is and you need a concise article that simply lists the crystals and their properties that will help balance your throat chakra, this the article for you. My source of reference is The Encyclopedia of Crystals by Judy Hall (2013). Disclaimer: Though I advocate for crystal healing, I advocate for the advancements in medical science and psychiatric help. Do what you can to heal yourself, but know that these crystals are not a replacement for medicine or p...
The Chakra More People Should Talk About: The Earth Star Chakra
5 months ago
No, I’m not talking about the root chakra, aka Muladhara, but the fact that the earth star chakra is reminding you of the root chakra is a good start. Earth is the element of prosperity, resources, and abundance. That’s why tarot decks often use coins or pentacles for signs of financial gain, hard work, manifestation. “Earthing” or grounding is essential for getting your bearings and preparing to face the present moment as it is. The whole existence of humanity is dependent on the interconnectiv...
Heart Chakra and Self-Acceptance Gemstones and Crystals
5 months ago
You know what your heart chakra is. You just need tools to help open it up so you can work through self-acceptance and forgiveness. I got you. Before you read on, please note that although crystal/energy work is amazing, it is not suggested to blatantly ignore how medical/psychological/psychiatric professionals can help you as well. Combine the advancements of healing instead, please.
Sleep Paralysis? Lucid Dreaming? Astral Projection? What's the Difference?
7 months ago
Sleep paralysis, astral projection, and lucid dreaming are all very different experiences that tend to overlap. Many paranormal enthusiasts who say they’ve been through these experiences claim that wh...
Solar Plexus Chakra and Self-Esteem Crystals and Gemstones
9 months ago
You need stones for the solar plexus chakra or the energy in your body that fuels your self-esteem and will power. You already know what it is, but you need tools to help channel that energy, I got yo...