Ashley Peterson

Nurse, mental health blogger, and person living with mental illness.  Author of the book Psych Meds Made Simple – find out more on my blog  

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The Healing Power of Ayahuasca
25 days ago
When I first heard of ayahuasca, I was skeptical. How was a hallucinogen going to be helpful in treating mental illness? Still, I thought it was worth doing some looking into, especially since a big p...
How to Sleep Better
2 months ago
Chances are you know someone, or are someone yourself, who suffers from insomnia. Prevalence rates vary among research studies, but up to 50 percent of people may have problems with sleep. That can en...
Nutrition Myths Debunked
4 months ago
Everywhere you look, it seems like there's a new story about how this food is good for you, this food is bad for you, you need to follow this diet, or you shouldn't eat that. But underlying all the fa...
What Does This Study Actually Tell Us?
6 months ago
The media is filled with reports of the findings of the latest study, which may seem to tell us exactly the opposite of the last study we heard about. There are also plenty of products being marketed ...
Food as Therapy
7 months ago
There are countless diets purporting to help you lose weight, but what would happen if you were to approach eating from a health viewpoint rather than a weight loss viewpoint? I find the anti-inflamma...
Aromatherapy for Mental Wellness
7 months ago
Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants to provide a therapeutic effect in the body. They are a complementary treatment that can be used alongside other treatment approaches to promote wellbeing....