Ashley Peterson

Nurse, mental health blogger, and person living with mental illness.  Proud stigma warrior!  Author of the upcoming book Psych Meds Made Simple, available Feb 4/19 on Amazon – find out more on my blog

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What Does This Study Actually Tell Us?
6 days ago
The media is filled with reports of the findings of the latest study, which may seem to tell us exactly the opposite of the last study we heard about. There are also plenty of products being marketed ...
Food as Therapy
18 days ago
There are countless diets purporting to help you lose weight, but what would happen if you were to approach eating from a health viewpoint rather than a weight loss viewpoint? I find the anti-inflamma...
Aromatherapy for Mental Wellness
a month ago
Aromatherapy uses essential oils from plants to provide a therapeutic effect in the body. They are a complementary treatment that can be used alongside other treatment approaches to promote wellbeing....