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Stigma Against Mental Illness
2 years ago
"That's nuts," seems to be one of the go-to insults when a person is pushed into a corner. Of course, what many people don't understand is that "nuts" or "crazy" were both terms given to those who wer...
Can Technology Heal Blindness?
2 years ago
While the world and technology has become more accommodating to the visually impaired, blindness remains a huge issue for many people who either used to be able to see before losing their vision or ne...
Is It Possible To Be Fat and Healthy?
2 years ago
It is undeniable that, on a social level, there is a stigma to being fat. What less people talk about is the stigma fat people face just when going to the doctor's office. If you walk in for your chec...
Exploring Acupuncture
2 years ago
Feeling better and needles seem to go hand-in-hand, but that doesn't mean people look forward to getting shots... so why do so many look forward to acupuncture? From the outside, acupuncture looks tor...
Is It Possible to Replace Sleep With Five Daily Naps?
2 years ago
In a twenty-four hour day, a normal human can spend eight to ten hours sleeping – almost half the day, devoted to recovering from the first fourteen to sixteen hours. While many people long for the co...
Best Martial Arts for Self-Defense
2 years ago
Everyone has had that fantasy: a mugger or assailant of some kind comes at you in a dark alley, and you, trained in the martial arts, use your skills to ward off the attacker in a glorious display of ...