Anik Marchand

Anik Marchand moved from New Brunswick to Southern Ontario at a young age, lived some crazy moments in Montréal, Québec and is now based in Madrid, Spain.


Instagram: anik.marchand

E-mail: [email protected]

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Stop Self-diagnosing Yourself on WebMD
2 years ago
Like many, I have resorted to the internet to find out what was wrong with me and, 99% of the time, I was dying of some form of cancer. Now, I don’t have cancer (or not that I am aware of) but trying ...
The Day I Thought I Needed to Shave My Head
2 years ago
It was a cold-ish November day, about a week after my mom’s birthday (I remember because we had to go to my cousin’s for a late birthday dinner for my mom that evening). My sister and my brother-in-la...