Angela Shiflett

Angela has worked as a professional content creator for just over fourteen years. Her topics are typically created as a result of her life experiences. She strives to deliver content that is helpful, intriguing, and entertaining. 

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List of Products that Help Patients Suffering from Dementia Symptoms
24 days ago
Dementia is a group of symptoms that results in the general loss or decline of cognitive functioning. It is a decline in behavioral abilities. The sufferer’s ability to remember, think, or engage in t...
Acetaminophen – While Commonly Deemed Safe, This Drug Has Been Found to Pose Many Health Risks
10 months ago
An estimated 50 million individuals within the United States—alone—use medications containing the drug acetaminophen each and every single week. Worldwide, acetaminophen is considered to be the most c...
10 months ago
There are many natural supplements on the market today. Many people choose an alternative approach to medications and other medical treatments by investing in these natural supplements. Several reason...
Essential Tremor
10 months ago
A Guide for the Newly Diagnosed
Recognizing the Adverse Effects of Acetaminophen
a year ago
Understanding the Extraordinary Dangers of a Seemingly Ordinary Drug
Is There a Test for Dementia?
a year ago
To date, there is no definitive test for dementia; however, if you have a loved one that is showing early signs of dementia, there are a variety of questionnaires, assessments, laboratory tests, radio...