Andrea Dawson

A fitness blogger and a personal trainer.

Top 10 Things You Need to Consider When Buying Health Insurance
22 days ago
Health insurance is something that all people should have to cover themselves in the event that they need medical care. The truth is that not all health insurance is created equal, and purchasing a pl...
Beauty Trends: Selfies are Driving Women to Plastic Surgery
25 days ago
People want to look good, and that is okay, but this is getting harder to do online. A little airbrushing or a few filters can make a person look great in a selfie, but it is having a side effect that...
If You Experience Excessive Sweating, You May Suffer from Hyperhidrosis
a month ago
What is normal sweating? Under normal conditions, the human body sweats between 0.8 to 1.4 litres per hour during a good exercise or strenuous work. Sweat does more than a few good things for our body...
How To Get Back Dimples If You Don’t Have Them
2 months ago
Back dimples, also known as Venus dimples in women and Apollo dimples in men, are today a sought-after beauty mark. They occur naturally as indentations around the area where the pelvic bones meet and...
The Teachings of a Plastic Woman
2 months ago
Plastic surgery is becoming a regularity for those who want to make subtle changes to their body or face. Through the latest, non-invasive technologies such as VASERlipo and microsurgery, the patient ...
More Than Skin Deep: How Body Contouring Improves Quality of Life
2 months ago
In certain circles, plastic surgery has a bad reputation. Some people consider it nothing more than vanity taken to extremes. But the truth is that plastic surgery accomplishes more than an ego boost ...