Amelia Grant

I am journalist, and blogger. 

Can Facial Varicose Veins Be Treated Using a Laser?
16 days ago
Most of the time, the blood is at low pressure since the blood with high pressure is that from the heart. In order for the blood to flow smoothly back to the heart in the veins, a majority have bicusp...
The Effect of Chewing Gum on the Body
2 months ago
Before it looked different. In ancient times, people used completely different materials that imitated chewing gum. It was tobacco for the first Americans, tar for the ancient Greeks, frozen larch jui...
What Is Physiotherapy and Its Techniques?
2 months ago
Physiotherapy techniques provide ample opportunities for the choice of methods of influence on the body. Modern physiotherapy has a rich arsenal of techniques, but in this area, bordering on alternati...
Pregnancy After 35: Dangerous or Not?
3 months ago
Let's see what complications you may have with a later pregnancy, and answers the most common questions.
5 Steps to Achieve a Perfect Smile
3 months ago
It is as important as having clean, moisturized skin. But, unfortunately, we have only heredity genes, and a talented dentist to thank for white teeth. And even if you are lucky, and nature gave you a...
How Do Dental Problems Lead to Fullness and What to Do with It
4 months ago
The standards of beauty, imposed by fashion, dictate their requirements. Fashion, excessive slimness, and even thinness have been tormenting many girls for several decades. To follow them, many girls ...