Amelia Grant

I am journalist, and blogger. 

5 Steps to Achieve a Perfect Smile
16 days ago
It is as important as having clean, moisturized skin. But, unfortunately, we have only heredity genes, and a talented dentist to thank for white teeth. And even if you are lucky, and nature gave you a...
How Do Dental Problems Lead to Fullness and What to Do with It
a month ago
The standards of beauty, imposed by fashion, dictate their requirements. Fashion, excessive slimness, and even thinness have been tormenting many girls for several decades. To follow them, many girls ...
Hormonal Balance Is the Key to a Healthy Body
2 months ago
Our bodies are fragile ecosystems, which we must protect and maintain general health in, in every possible way, in order to improve the quality of our lives. An important cause of good functioning of ...
When Can You Come Back to the Gym After Labor?
2 months ago
Women are rarely satisfied with their physical shape after labor. There was hardly ever a novice mother that didn’t promise herself to get fit as soon as possible. However, not all of them keep their ...
Is Your Man Looking After Their Smile?
2 months ago
Apparently, it is a real thing and is where men tend to assume that they are invincible, and they don’t really need to take good care of their bodies. Men with this syndrome tend to ignore signs that ...
Save Your Motor: 9 Products That Are Good for Our Heart Health
2 months ago
The heart is the main organ in our body, a smooth running mechanism, which is the foundation of the fullness life. It’s the reason to follow a healthy lifestyle and eat useful foods, which helps to su...