Alyson Worrell


My life with chronic Pain is a struggle but it's made me a better person. Many of my posts will be about the daily struggles and beautiful moments dealing with the pain. I want to share my story to help inspire others and give hope. 

Fire 🔥
5 months ago
Sitting at Bryce's baseball games during Spring break, my body shut down. I was in so much pain Bryce's mother had to take me back to our condo room. My head was pounding and my body was shutting down...
5 months ago
My head has been spinning the last twenty-four hours. My pain is extreme right now. My lower back is out, my left arm is very sensitive and numb!! I'm so anxious, my heart keeps trying to communicate ...
Not Taking Things Personally
5 months ago
Learning to not taking anything personally will and has been the hardest agreement for me to master fully because I am a people pleaser, super emotional, and want to be "good" enough for every single ...
6 months ago
Life at 20 changed when I was diagnosed with Thoracic outlet syndrome. Thoracic outlet syndrome is a rare disorder, a condition in which most patients complain about pain, numbness, tingling, and weak...
6 months ago
Pills, pills, pills. Appointments, needles, massage, pain specialist, dry needling, physical therapy, acupuncture, more doctors, chiropractor and the list goes on and on. Thoracic outlet syndrome, ner...
Life with Chronic Pain
6 months ago
Never at twenty-eight would I have thought chronic pain would try to consume and take over my life. The pain each day tries to fight and push me down but guess what pain? I am a fighter and I’ve been ...