Alysha DePerna

Book nerd and lover of all things cheese flavored. Highly skilled at Google and considers coffee medicinal.

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Gluten Myths People Still Believe
3 years ago
For most people, a life without warm bread and starchy pasta is a kind of unimaginable hell. I harbor deep sympathies for those diagnosed with the three conditions that require strict avoidance of glu...
Health Foods That Aren’t Actually Healthy
3 years ago
Navigating the dusty isles of the grocery store can be a daunting enough task itself. Combine that with the often overwhelming options of “health foods” that promise to help you lose weight, gain musc...
Do Cleanses and Detoxes Actually Work?
3 years ago
Health crazes are nothing new, and neither are cleanses for that matter. Colon cleanses, juice cleanses, sugar detoxes, fruit detoxes – if you’ve ever read a magazine, watched TV, or scoured the Inter...