Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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Why Older and Wiser Looks Hotter and Hotter
3 years ago
During the past 50 years, with increased life expectancy and the impact of feminism, we've witnessed a sea change in our concepts of sexuality, motherhood, and age-appropriate behavior. Feminist Molly...
How to Stay Young
3 years ago
To navigate past the biblical three score and ten (that's 70 years), we humans pore over a great many charts. On course, with Ponce de Leon and James Barrie, we've searched for extended youth in monke...
History of Morihei Ueshiba's Aikido
3 years ago
Aikido was founded by master Morihei Ueshiba who lived to be 86 years old. Born outside Osaka, Japan in 1883, Ueshiba travelled to Tokyo in his late teens to seek martial arts training. Although he in...
Things You Must Have in Your 40s
3 years ago
What we need in our forties is the amalgamation of decades of our must haves. When we are babies, we need the basics like food, diaper changes, human interaction and some toys. When we are teenagers, ...
How to Keep Your Hair 
3 years ago
When Delilah ordered her servants to scalp Samson, it was probably just an act of chivalry curiosity. She wanted to find out whether he would still be able to stand up for her as, even in those days, ...
Most Common Dominant Genes In Humans 
3 years ago
Some of the most common dominant genes in humans come from parental inherited gene variations known as alleles. Some are dominant and others are recessive, and prevalence is often awarded to the domin...