Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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Non Slip Yoga Mats for Hot Yoga
3 years ago
So you’re looking to find the best non slip yoga mats for hot yoga? Look no further! I’ve compiled a list of mats sure to take your practice to new levels. As an avid Yogi, I know the importance of fi...
Body Sculpting Vs Strength Training
3 years ago
People at my gym train for different reasons. Some want strength, some want muscle bulk, and some are interested in body sculpting. Are different exercises required for each? Most folks at the gyms do...
Home Grown Natural Remedies
3 years ago
You don't need to spend a fortune to keep yourself healthy and comfortable. Home remedies for bug bites, poison ivy, and other ailments are less expensive and all natural. What is the one home grown r...
Frequently Asked Health Questions
3 years ago
There are questions about all areas of health—from fitness to diet to vitamin supplements—that many people have but don't know who to ask. Many worry they should already know the answers to their ques...
Exercise and Illness
3 years ago
Statistics show that people who work out regularly are less likely to develop cancer, heart disease, and diabetes. This is common knowledge, but what about the lesser illnesses like sore throats, runn...
Best Gear for Night Runners
3 years ago
This rundown of some of the best gear for night runners will help you stay safe and have a more fulfilling experience if you decide to go for a late-night run. Running at night is not just a great way...