Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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Best Probiotics for Women Over 50
a year ago
As women get older, it is crucial that they place emphasis on their health. Receiving enough probiotics daily–which are strains of live cultures–can have substantial benefits for one's gut health and ...
Ways to Look Beautiful Naturally
2 years ago
It’s no secret that when we look our best, we also feel our best—and vice versa—but how can we feel and look beautiful naturally? A sunny disposition and a joie de vivre can go a long way in achieving...
What You Need to Know About Stabilizing Blood Sugar
2 years ago
Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is important to prevent cellular damage and disease. Both high and low blood sugar are dangerous if left unregulated. Blood sugar levels refer to the amount of g...
DIY Natural Acne Treatments
2 years ago
We’ve searched far and wide to discover the best natural acne treatments for your skin… and you can use them all from the comfort of your own home! Since commercial products are often bursting with ch...
Everything You Need to Know About Foam Rollers
3 years ago
The past few years have brought about one of the most intense health movements the world has ever seen. Record numbers of gyms, fitness centers, and nutrition-based businesses have emerged, and there ...
Healthy Ways to Get Vitamin D In the Winter
3 years ago
Chances are you’re deficient in vitamin D in the winter. Between rushing back inside as soon as you step into the cold and the sun setting early, your vitamin D intake most likely could use some suppl...