Alicia Springer

Mother of two. Personal trainer. Fitness is about determination, not age.

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10 Ways Walking Everyday Can Improve Your Health
2 months ago
When’s the last time you went for a walk? For the record, walking to your car or to the fridge doesn’t count. What we mean is, when’s the last time you walked as a form of real exercise? If you can’t ...
Best iPhone Armbands for Exercise
4 months ago
iPhone armbands are a fantastic invention. They can enable you to enjoy hands-free use of the device whether you're just reclining on the sofa, walking to work, doing chores, or working out. Yet, as i...
Tips for How to Lose Those Last Few Pounds... Fast
5 months ago
The last pounds before reaching your target weight or waistline are hard. You've surely worked your butt off (literally) to get to this point. Now, only a few minor changes stand in the way of losing ...
Best Probiotics for Women Over 50
6 months ago
As women get older, it is crucial that they place emphasis on their health. Receiving enough probiotics daily–which are strains of live cultures–can have substantial benefits for one's gut health and ...
Ways to Look Beautiful Naturally
2 years ago
It’s no secret that when we look our best, we also feel our best—and vice versa—but how can we feel and look beautiful naturally? A sunny disposition and a joie de vivre can go a long way in achieving...
What You Need to Know About Stabilizing Blood Sugar
2 years ago
Keeping your blood sugar levels stable is important to prevent cellular damage and disease. Both high and low blood sugar are dangerous if left unregulated. Blood sugar levels refer to the amount of g...