Alexa Curtis

Teen social influencer, entrepreneur, and TV personality. After beginning a fashion blog at 12, Alexa has shown how following your dreams pays off.

3 years ago
“I ate too much. I’m depressed.” “Damn, he didn’t answer my text. Now I’m depressed.” “The store already closed, I’m depressed!” People constantly use the word depression. I wasn’t aware of the proper...
How to Handle Cyber Bullying
3 years ago
When I started blogging at twelve, I never thought I could turn a website into a business. My ultimate plan was to inspire other young adults and escape the bullying I was enduring in high school. Mak...
How I Learned to Love Myself
3 years ago
"Can you put your hands up for me? Now suck in. What size pants are you wearing?” “A size 2.” “Impossible. You must be closer to a 4. Especially for runway, they need you at a size 0 since European de...