Alex B

Pieces of myself through facts and fiction - A fallible human of the digital era. I bought the ticket, missed the ride, then tripped down the rabbit hole and woke up stranded with you in this strange matrix.

The First-Person Diet
a year ago
Everybody eats food. Life revolves around nutrients, whether you are a meat-eater or a vegan, a blue whale swallowing banks of fish, or a tiny bacteria feasting on a pile of shit. Access to nourishmen...
The Vegan Hypocrisy Manifesto
a year ago
All humans are hypocrites; some just deny this reality more than others.
When Vaccine Education Strategies Backfire
2 years ago
The 18th century was an age of enlightenment. The improved steam machine sparked the industrial revolution that would change the world forever as child prodigy Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played in palaces across Western Europe. The Queen of France Marie Antoinette's head rolled to announce the end of the country's monarchy. Fancy wigs were in when settlers of the thirteen British colonies fought for their freedom and won the bloody war to emerge as a new united power. These were the days of reason ...
Lonely World
2 years ago
500,000 years ago, The clan heads home after a long day of labor. I lag behind, tired. Every step feels heavier than the last. My cousin turns around and yells for me to hurry up. One day I will grow the strongest legs and walk faster than the rest. A beautiful winged creature dancing through the air appears out of nowhere. Never have I seen such beauty and finesse. The shades on its wings seem outer worldly. I stray from my path through the trees and vines in awe. I come back to my senses, alon...
Opioid 360
2 years ago
Jerry works seventy hour weeks as a desk-bound middle manager for a big virtual corporation. He barely sleeps at night and wakes up with a three-ton anvil attached to his body and brain. His exercise regimen includes jogging on concrete and long bouts of elliptical. Jerry is a great friend. He agreed to help his friend Barry move into his first bachelor pad after a draining divorce today, even though he had planned to stay home and relax on his only workless day. The move goes well until the two...
Senior Strength
2 years ago
Humans are living longer than ever before in history. The unique population structures seen today stem from a decline in mortality and fertility catalyzed by the fast economic growth and healthcare innovation of the twentieth century. Many countries adapted their social support systems to improve the life of the aging group, but a disproportional expansion rate relative to younger adults combined with earlier labor force removal and increased chronic disease risk now strains the public pension s...