Abigail Brooke

I found this place to get the thoughts out of my head 

oh…and I love food!

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How To Love Yourself: 6 Tips
7 months ago
I never truly understood why self love was so important until I was in my last relationship. Until I met my previous boyfriend, I gave everyone my everything. But I always felt empty in my friendships...
Is Meditation Healthy?
7 months ago
If you've read my story on "voices," you've gotten a little glimpse into my mental health issues. I have a hard time understanding what's real and what isn't really there. For almost seven years, I've...
Should We Drink Green Tea
7 months ago
Does anyone find themselves feeling older than what you really are? People always tell me that I'm an old lady at the heart. I love to wake up early, bring water to a boil, pour that water into a Japa...