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Ask Kat-Kat Chat: Self-Care Routine

My Personal Steps to Self-Care

Photo by Thought Catalog: Unsplash.com

I am sure that we have all found ourselves in a place in our lives where we feel that we are unsatisfied. Maybe even feeling a little restless in our daily routines, wondering what it will take to feel content again. Some of us may have even experienced times in our lives where it’s hard to focus or even get out of bed in the morning and just following the motions of our lives.

In these moments we have a choice; acceptance or change. When given the option, I always go for the change. With implementing change in our lives, we are able to grow and find ourselves out of the less than preferable situation we are currently in!

Here is my personal self-care routine checklist when I find myself in need of change.

First: Rest and Restart

Usually, a good indicator for myself personally that my life is in need of a change is when I am feeling fatigued and stressed. I’ll usually start to feel a little bit restless and stressed about the current state that I am in, so I find it best to start out by allowing myself some alone time and downtime.

I will usually take a day that I am able to just focus on myself for the entire day and practice some relaxing self-care. My personal go-to routine is to start by getting a good nights rest as this helps to put me in a better mindset to start off my day. I focus on how tomorrow will be a new day and try not to focus on outside things in my life. I also choose to take time to rest by focusing on relaxing activities where I am able to be alone and quiet for a while. Examples being: taking a bath with candles, reading a new book in my pj’s on the couch, watching a movie or show I’ve been wanting to see at home and cooking myself a comforting meal.

Second: Making Goals

After clearing my mind and creating a relaxed clean slate, I like to make simple goals that I can obtain. The completion of goals gives the mind a sense of accomplishment which is healthy for our mental health and self-esteem. These goals can be something such as: finally cleaning out your closet, cleaning the dishes that have gone neglected, learning a new skill such as painting or poetry, or making a step towards one of your lifetime goals such as becoming a published writer or getting a promotion at work. Not only will this make you feel accomplished, but it will also cause there to be a change in your life. Developing a new hobby, taking a step towards a lifelong dream, or even simply decluttering the space around you can help facilitate change. It will take you out of your everyday usual routine, and also give you something new to focus on that is personal to your own growth and development.

Third: Take a Life Inventory

Lastly, I like to look at my life and figure out EXACTLY what parts I am unsatisfied with and get to the bottom of what factors in my life have created the parts of my life I am unhappy with. Are some of your relationships toxic and holding you back from reaching your full potential? Are you overly stressed due to not having a sleep schedule that works for you? Is there a character trait about yourself that you could work on in order to be happier?

I take time to ask myself these questions as sometimes I am not aware of exactly why I am feeling this way. Sometimes we need to take time to check in with ourselves to get to the root of the problem and to find a solution on how to fix it.

And remember:

If you ever have a question or need someone to talk to,

You can always ask Kat!

Click the link below to go to my advice blog where you can submit questions anonymously and seek advice. We are an open-minded community and accepting of all people. Everyone deserves to feel accepted and heard! 

Check out my Tumblr

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Ask Kat-Kat Chat: Self-Care Routine
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