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Are You Grounded?

Grounding is an essential key in mindfulness. Here are 7 signs you're not, and a few tips on how to ground.

With the increasing popularity of (and need for) meditation and mindfulness, one crucial aspect is becoming overlooked: grounding. 

Being grounded is crucial, especially when collective energies are high, or when planetary energies are forcing us to evolve and change.

Grounding is an important practice for empaths, sensitive souls, and light workers; even for social entrepreneurs.

Being grounded is being comfortable in our physical bodies, and being able to act and move freely in this world to fulfill our divine purposes, while simultaneously connected to That which is greater than us.

We need to be fully present in our bodies in order to achieve what we want, or what we are meant to achieve.


1. Daydreaming, Spacing or Blanking Out

This is the most common sign, wherein all your energy is overactive in your mental space.

2. Easily Distracted, Lacking Organization And/Or Focus

When you're not grounded, you have all these ideas bouncing around, but can't decide which one to focus and take action on. Many times, you end up not taking action at all.

3. Restless Legs

Your legs can't stop shaking, bouncing, or swinging while you're sitting or laying down.

4. Feeling Like You Don't Belong

You may feel like you don't belong in your environment, or on this planet (and you just want your star family to take you away).

5. Mood Swings and Other Mental Discomfort

You are easily swayed or influenced by other people's energies and opinions.

6. Thinking About the Past and Future Too Much

When you're ungrounded, you aren't mindful of the present moment; you dwell on the past (or want to find out about past lives) and worry about the future.

7. Physical Injuries and Accidents

You step on, drop and/or break objects, and bump into walls.


If you experience one or more (or all!) of these signs, you're not alone! Being ungrounded is common, especially in the rat race of society.

Grounding can become a habit, which can improve all aspects of your life by aiding your mindfulness practice.


1. Do some physical exercise/stretching.

Do some yoga, cardio, strength training, or basic stretching. This allows you to connect with your body and its sensations.

2. Go on nature trips.

Go on hikes, swim in natural bodies of water, or simply go to the park and be mindful of everything you see, feel, and hear.

3. Eat root crops, grains and beans/legumes.

If you are on a plant-based diet, emphasize root crops such as sweet potatoes, beets, radishes, carrots, yams, lotus root, parsnips, and ginger; whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, oats, buckwheat, barley; and beans and legumes.

4. Walk barefoot.

Walk on grass, sand, or soil without shoes to connect and plant yourself to the ground.

5. Focus your energy to your feet.

Wiggle your toes or shake your feet around to activate your earth and root chakras.

6. Visualization

Visualize roots coming out of your feet (and root chakra), down to the core of the earth. Or visualize a pillar of white light from the sky, through your body, and down to the core of the earth (kind of like plugging in.)

Set a reminder to ground yourself once or twice daily. Once you've made it a habit to ground, you are going to feel the shift; from being scattered to laser-focused, from being highly reactive to calm and collected.

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Are You Grounded?
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