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Anti-Cellulite – What Foods Can Help?

Anti-Cellulite Food Remedy

Discover the foods that will be your allies in the war against cellulite.

In the face of cellulite, any help is good. It appears, in general, for a low fiber diet and, in turn, it is rich in carbohydrates and lipids. To make it disappear, or at least help to reduce it, because it is 90 percent present in women, one of the solutions is to have a healthier and more balanced diet. However, it is not necessary to reduce the quantities of food or to undergo a diet, but simply to choose the nutritional substances well.

We can not settle for doing some exercise, use specific creams or perform expensive treatments. Without a good diet, we will be struggling in vain, because the secret to an elastic skin, smooth and perfect appearance is taking good care of yourself inside. Do you want to know the prohibited and recommended foods for skin lacking cellulite?

Anti-Cellulitis Diet: Recommended Foods

  • The proteins, particularly those found in white meat and eggs, and involved in muscle development. As they are lean, when the time comes, the proteins force the organism to extract its energy from the fat cells.
  • Foods rich in caffeine: Caffeine stimulates the combustion of fat and promotes muscle strengthening. If you do not like coffee, there are hundreds of foods that have caffeine like guarani. The green tea also has properties that help burn stored fat; thanks to its accelerated metabolism. Grape marc also contributes to the elimination of fat as well as being rich in fiber.
  • The iron rich foods such as lentils: Iron favors the transport of blood oxygen. A drop in the rate of iron leads to great fatigue including anemia, so avoid coffee after eating because caffeine absorbs iron. The lack of iron favors the appearance of cellulite and in many cases makes it difficult to eliminate it.
  • The vitamin C present in fruits and vegetables: It is essential to eliminate cellulite since it improves the tissues of the subcutaneous cells and the strengthening of the walls of the blood vessels, as well as the general state of the skin, because it is present in the process of collagen formation. Do you know that the weaker the collagen is, the more you notice the cellulite? Not only does orange contain C-vine, foods like grapefruit, strawberries, or tomatoes are also highly antioxidant.
  • The oily fish and shellfish rich in fatty acids' omega 3: These fatty acids help damaged fat cells (causing fluid retention and orange peel) to repair themselves, helping the skin to improve its elasticity and appearance. These foods, in addition, have anti-inflammatory properties and are very satiating without producing a sensation of swelling.
  • The potassium: because it promotes lymphatic drainage, by allowing decongestion areas where the orange peel is located. Potassium is found essentially in nuts, brewer's yeast and some vegetables such as endives.
  • Draining food: Artichoke, pineapple, and green tea are some foods that will help us reduce fluid retention, as they are very diuretic and will help us eliminate toxins and fats through urine.
  • The red fruit, both to eat and to drink: The vitamin P that they contain allows an improvement of the blood circulation. On the other hand, these antioxidant foods favor the regeneration of cells.

Foods to Avoid in the Anti-Cellulitis Diet

To prevent and reduce cellulite to the maximum, there are certain foods that we will have to eliminate from our diet, or at least limit them as much as possible. Sausages, pastries, fatty sauces, and fried foods have no place in an anti-cellulite diet, as well as soft drinks with gas and alcoholic beverages. In short, all those foods that are very rich in saturated fats and sugars.

On the other hand, it is also important to reduce the consumption of salt, and to use spices and fine herbs to season a dish. The reason is simple: salt is one of the main causes of fluid retention, which also causes the formation of the unsightly orange peel.

Foods That We Should Consume in Moderation

Olive oil and butter are ingredients that are most commonly used to oil pan or add flavor to certain dishes. However, it is advisable to reduce your consumption if what you are looking for is to stop the appearance of cellulite . In the case of butter, the reason seems clear, since it contains many saturated fats, but when we talk about oil, especially in Spain, we have a hard time limiting its use.

With one tablespoon per day of this liquid gold you will have more than enough to cook your dishes, since we must give priority to the baking or grilling.

Another food that we will have to limit in our diet will be vegetables and raw vegetables. Surprised? These are very useful loss diets, but will not allow you to fight against cellulite, but rather the opposite. Its high content of mineral salts favors the retention of water. Therefore, steamed vegetables and bet on aubergines, celery, peppers, leeks and cabbage.

To Consider

It is important to hydrate well throughout the day to eliminate waste and toxic products. Also, it is important to take into account daily that the consumption of proteins has to be higher than that of vegetables, since we will force our body to consume fats to create energy.

Now that we often have summer coming, the time comes for the shorts; go to the pool in a swimsuit or bikini and of course the dreaded cellulite is going to be seen. So do not hesitate and put these tips into practice to try to minimize it as much as you can.

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Anti-Cellulite – What Foods Can Help?
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