Algonquin Lucid Dream Tea Review

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Ah, lucid dreaming. Some people may not believe it's a real thing while others live by it. I myself have been going (well, trying) on a lucid dream journey for the past six months or so and I can tell you it is indeed real. 

This journey has led me towards products I didn't even know existed. Valerian root, Mugwort tea, and of course, this bad boy I am reviewing right this moment. There have always been a wide variety of teas which are said to help induce vivid dreaming as well as help with dream recall. This is one of them. So let's get into it.

Lucid Dreaming

Let's start with the basics for those who may have no idea what I am talking about. Lucid dreaming is the ability to know when you are dreaming which can provide you with the tools to control where a dream ends up. Some people are extremely good at it, they can change entire scenarios and locations. Some people are even able to contact their subconscious this way which sounds really freaking cool but I have yet to get even a little bit close to that level. 

In the past six months of trying to learn this skill I have lucid dreamed a whopping three times. And these three times are nothing to really boast about. There are loads of different methods when it comes to doing this but I will get to that another day when I devote an entire article to my lucid dreaming journey. 

Anyways, to wrap this up, I decided to try some different teas in hopes that they would help me towards my lucid dreaming goals. You must go into these tea trying journeys realizing these products aren't a magical pill that will send you into the world of Inception. No. These simply help you with dream recall and more or less having more vivid dreams. They work for some people, but not everyone.  

Algonquin Lucid Dream Tea

Okay now to the tea. This tea has a light flavor with what my husband and I like to call a slight "papery" taste to it. In the end though, we both agree it's pretty good on the palate. Milk ruins it, honey sweetens it a bit but in the end, it's best on its own.

This tea is made up of sweet gale (also known as Bog Myrtle) which apparently is hand picked by canoe in the "Algonquin Wilderness." This explains the steep price, we bought it on amazon for around $8.00 (Canadian dollars) a box. There are 16 bags in the box. 

Now for the big question, does it do what it says it does? The quick answer is yes. But if you wanted a quick answer you'd look at the 1-3 sentence reviews on the websites where you can buy it. 

This tea didn't make me lucid dream, nor did it make my husband lucid dream. If you can't lucid dream the likelihood of this doing it for ya is well... extremely slim. My husband has never had a lucid dream nor has he tried to learn about it. There are methods and things you need to learn how to do to make yourself lucid dream.

BUT. And this is a big one, this tea will more than likely make you dream a lot, they will be more vivid and you will be able to recall them much more in the morning, as the box says. Of course everyone is different, our minds work differently. So you may try this tea and find it doesn't work, you will have to look elsewhere and try other herbs. But for my husband and I, the effects made the price well worth it. 

How did it make us feel?

We obviously drank it before bed, as advised. It almost gave a slight, mellow, sedated feel to it. After a long day of work if you want to avoid a glass of wine or a bottle of beer this might just do it for you. It helped us feel extremely relaxed which made falling asleep a breeze. 

It was truly one of the best "sleepy time teas" I have ever had. As I wait here for my two other boxes to come in the mail I find myself getting annoyed over the fact that I have gone a few weeks without this delicious tea to help cradle me at night as I sleep. 

As for the dreams, the first night I drank this tea I had seven dreams in one night that I could remember. I wrote them all down as soon as I woke up. I could definitely see this helping aid the journey towards lucid dreaming in the future as well. 

Overall? This tea is pretty freaking awesome and I have recommended it to quite a few people. If you have trouble falling asleep at night, if it's difficult for you to unwind I definitely feel like this tea will do it for you. 

I am not being paid or anything like that to review this product. I am simply giving my take on a tea I adore. A tea in which I feel like could help a lot of people have a goodnight sleep and an easier time unwinding at night. Especially if you find yourself stressed out. 

Where to Buy It

We buy it off but you can also get it on the website itself or a few other wellness/tea websites. A quick Google search will give you loads of different ways to get a hold of this yummy tea. If you do try it I hope you enjoy it!

Holly Anne
Holly Anne

Hey anyone who may be reading this! My name is Holly. I love doing creative stuff, writing, painting, making random stuff. I mostly write horror but I'm trying to branch out and try other things. Hope you enjoy my work!

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