A Horse of a Different Color

My RSD Life

Let me tell you, I am seeing interesting things happening.

So since we have been fixated on my feet for the last couple days, I totally forgot to tell y’all about the color changes. Get this, my leg changes colors all the way down to my toes!

I mean seriously, I read other posts here and have seen the pics that some have shared but I just kind of go, aww, man that sucks! For those that have this particular issue, it is a bit disconcerting, to say the least.

So, the colors, man, so many colors. What is this all about?

I feel like maybe I might be “tripping”. SHHHHHH. Don’t tell my docs! I jest, but seriously, what is this mess?

So here I am looking at my leg, again; see a pattern forming yet? Yep, this is what I am doing, it happens. Seems I am attached to it or it to me. Moving forward now. My leg is a few different colors.

WHAT? This is new to me. Now I am familiar thanks to the information that is out, but totally new to me!

What is happening? 

What in all of the Wizard of Oz, talking lions, and lollipop guild craziness is happening? Did I lie down in the poppy field and dream all this? I mean, we have had some snow and ice here in Mississippi the last few weeks. We all know the snow wakes Dorothy and company up, right?

Exactly how am I supposed to fight this “W”itch? Because this is my story; we all know water is the enemy in this twisted version. UGH!

So, for clarification, my leg is 3 shades of purple at varying degrees of pigments that are all beautiful, but on my leg? No, wait really, my leg? I am not a canvas, there is no Bob in my story, we are not making trees and this is not a happy little mistake! PURPLE, shades of it! Further down my leg the color changes and it’s patchy. Now I am pink; I mean, my skin tone is this pink/white mush typically. I don’t tan in the summer, I turn red, and the winter I look like mush. Attractive, right? Shush, you; this did not require a response!

But now I am looking at red and blotchy coloring on the outside of my calf to my ankle. Almost like when I do get sunburn. Burning and itching and hot, hold up! No, it’s not a sunburn; had to think about that again for a second. No Bob, no sunburn, but beautiful colors. 

(This was written for the people in my support group for those that suffer with RSD.)

This is why I thought of the Emerald City; I am glad there isn’t any green on my leg. That would be bad.

HA! Thought: because I can’t shave, I am even closer to the horse of a different color. I have a mane!!! Oh dear, I just cracked myself up! Ha ha ha! Oh, this life!

The metaphors for this disease seem endless, but here we are today living in the land of Oz, my horse of a different color/leg and me. We were brought here by a tornado, we have fought many flying monkeys/docs and we have dealt with scarecrows/know it alls, continue to be as caring as the tinman, learning to be courageous daily like the lion, we know who our steadfast Totos are, and we will continue to battle this “W”itch!

Dorothy does get home at one point, and I liken this to some type of relief for us. We have good days and bad; I wish for more good than bad for all that find themselves travelling with me down this yellow brick road.

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