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A Complete Guide to Prepare and Commit to Getting Fit!

Tips to Get Fit, Prevent Diabetes, Bloating, and Staying Healthy to Live Longer!

"What is very difficult at first, if we keep on trying, gradually becomes easier."- Helen Keller

Did you ever think that you could get fit with no gym requirement? Whether you want to learn how to challenge yourself, set goals, or begin a weekly workout routine, you can track your progress in a journal writing down any breakthroughs you experience.

Keep in mind that if you want to get something you never had, you must work hard on it and it will eventually come to fruition. 

The hustle does not come easy for everyone but if you hustle hard you will be victorious and when surprise yourself in the end!

There are two most important things you need to stay focused all the way to the finish line. That's devotion and commitment!

Without this you're on an unchartered ship sinking fast. Before you know it you're at the bottom wondering just how you got there.

When you devote yourself to something you are passionate about, you do to hesitate to act on it. You consciously work towards a goal that you decided to give your time to.

When you commit to your dream you breathe life into it. And by that I mean, that you take an idea and feed it all the food and necessary nutrients to come alive and eventually you birth it and it becomes a part of your reality. 

Keep reading to gain tips on starting your fitness/ healthy lifestyle with this highly recommended guide of websites, books and videos that are sure to transform your life!

Thrive Market

Thanks to my Personal Trainer Alex Williams who recommended Thrive Market, I get the best deals and save on healthy items that are delicious, non-GMO, and also lower priced organic items that save you a ton of money and delivered with great quality. They have a great customer service team to assist you  fast and efficiently. My healthy journey and my life has improved tremendously after I joined this amazing company. 

7 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas | Diabetes And Bloating Prevention | Demo

Start your breakfast off right with simple, healthy breakfast recipe ideas that are quick and easy to prepare. Eating better will cleanse your immune system and balances it out. These various meal prep options show you that it is an effortless effective way to weekly serving that lead you to a healthy lifestyle that is essential for longevity and a better life overall.

Fit Life Tea Natural Organic

Fit Life is a Natural Organic Detox Tea company that lets you organize your own teaxtox bundles. 

Millions of people are enjoying healthy weight loss, a boost of metabolism, and increased energy to burn more fat and easily shed excess pounds!

Many detox teas claim to have excellent results, but contain ingredients like soy or added preservatives. At Fit Life Tea, they don’t ever add anything to their teas, keeping it all natural so you never have to worry about unwanted side effects keeping it natural with only pure, fresh ingredients. Gluten-Soy-Dairy Free. 


Go Nutrition offers a FREE Whey Protein powder for orders of just $10. With affordably priced items that will help you get your day started throughout the day with healthy options, get started with tasty breakfast pancake mix or porridge mix, and protein powders as low as $3.99. This site is sure to become a favorite of yours that you will visit often!

Stress Management and Self-Growth E-Guide

When I started my fitness and healthy lifestyle journey six weeks ago, I began reading this eguide. I has no idea the huge impact that it would have on my life. Thanks to this guide my life has improved a great deal, it almost seems as if it was overnight. I am grateful for what I learned and I highly recommend it for those who don't know where or how to handle life's stressors and start the healing process! 

Amazon Meal Prep Books and Container Storage

Top quality BPA free meal prep storage and on the go containers make weekly meals fun and easy. Amazon has bestseller backpacks with storage compartments and healthy meal books that offer tons of choices to keep you on track! Click the link to see the options and choose what best suits you for your health journey!

The Woman's Health Big Book of Excercise: Four Weeks to A Leaner, Sexier, Healthier You!

This Bestseller has been the #1 across the board! And rightly so. It is packed with a tremendous amount of information to keep you in shape, lower blood pressure/cholesterol, and adopt healthy eating habits and have you looking your best in no time. I highly recommend it! Get your copy and get started today.

Excercise Ball Chair: Improves Balance, Core, Strength and Posture

LL Cool J's Platinum Workout: Sculpt Your Best Body Ever with Hollywood's Fittest Star

Five stars isn't enough for this book, it is definitely a 10 out of 10! It offers top notch workout advice and guidance that any beginners are sure to master immediately! Whether you want to learn to remove stubborn belly fat or the best excercise to burn fat, this awesome book will get you to the level you need to go.

Natural Disease Curer | Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for centuries for it's medicinal natural healing properties. It has over 100 uses from for hair, skin, and body which includes acting as a natural toner, teeth whitener, aiding in stomach acid problems and indigestion, shiny hair, and so much more as seen in the video.

Orgain Organic Plant Based Protein Powder, Creamy chocolate Fudge 2.3 Pound

Indulge yourself in this creamy delectable yummy goodness. It's healthy protein nourishment for anyone on the go who don't have a lot of time. It is guaranteed to have you coming back for more. It's just that good!

Living a Healthy Life with Chronic Conditions

This book is excellent and written exceptionally well. The author really took the time to break down all the diseases that many are suffering from around the world and explains how to combat it by implementing a new lifestyle diet regimen!

IHerb.com- 8 Bestseller Products For Optimal Health

This healthy life checklist gives you the ultimate eight bestseller items for a proven healthy lifestyle and staying fit while eliminating sickness and disease once and for all!

Shaw Academy- Professional Certification In 30 Days

Shaw Academy makes earning an accredited certificate in easy as pie with their Student Support System and Live Interactive Webinars.

In only four weeks, you will be following suit behind over 4 million graduates and be on your way to a rewarding career as a personal trainer, nutritionist, or even specialize in diet and weight loss. Whatever you desire, they've got you covered. The first course if absolutely FREE so it's a win win!

Fire TV stick with Alexa Voice Remote

Never pay for cable again. This is a no contract device where you have unlimited access to all your favorite channels and shows, sports, and fitness programs. Plus Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Showtime, games, and so much more with NO monthly bill ever!!!

Morning Restorative Yoga For Stress Relief

Yoga has been used for decades because it naturally calms the mind and makes one feel at peace. Adopting this as a regular part of your daily regimen will help restore inner peace and life will get so much more bearable. Part two is linked in the video's description bar. 

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Divine Dynasty

Connecting with people around the world by sharing with you her writing passion. You will identify with her timeless work as you become inspired. At her lowest, she came out of it by working on her inner self and becoming a Life Coach.

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