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9 Things That Cause Gray Hair Before 30

Did you know that your lifestyle can cause gray hairs? These are the things that cause gray hair before 30.

When it comes to our hair, we're so cautious of keeping it in tip-top shape. We'll wash our hair twice or three times a week (no more!), try not to put so much heat into our hair often, use the best products for our hair, and we limit the amount of times we dye our hair. Especially at such a young age, we want to avoid our hair from turning gray and falling out once we hit our older years. And it's pretty easy for our hair to thin and eventually fall out.

Speaking of graying, have you noticed a few strands of gray hairs coming out? But wait, you're not even 30 yet! This is actually common and you're not the only one. There are so many young people under the age of 30 who are already getting gray hairs. And the result of this can be from many reasons. If you're curious or worried that you're starting to get gray hairs at such an early age, these are the things that cause gray hair before 30.

If you're way too stressed.

This is easily one of the main reasons why you're getting gray hairs at an early age... you're stressing out too much! When we're stressed to the max, it's expected to see a few strands of gray hairs forming on our scalp. And this is common for people who are stressing out every single day from work, school, or any personal issues.

So, if you're starting to see a couple of gray strands coming out of your scalp, it can be because you're stressing too much. To avoid your hair from completely turning gray, try to find ways to de-stress yourself. There are so many ways to find relief in the stress you're dealing with and it's not impossible. To prevent any gray hairs from forming, focus on de-stressing and clearing up your mind.

You're vitamin deficient.

One of the things that causes gray hair before 30 is that you're vitamin deficient. However, vitamin B12 is one of the vitamins that's causing the silvery strands to form. And being vitamin B12 deficient can actually be from being vegetarian or vegan, taking birth control pills, or even having GI issues.

B12 deficiency can also be linked to pernicious anemia, which is the decrease in red blood cells when the intestines cannot absorb enough B12. So, if you're one of the reasons for being vitamin B12 deficient, try finding ways to put more of the vitamin into your system. This can help stop the gray hairs from growing.

You have a medical condition.

Having a medical condition is certainly one of the things that causes gray hair before 30. In rare cases, graying at an early age can be triggered by health issues that you’re dealing with; conditions like thyroid disease or even problems with the pituitary glands. Another disease is the autoimmune disease that basically attacks the hair and skin, which causes your hair to gray.

From this, you just have to continue treating your medical condition with prescribed medications—which is a must. However, most of the time, treating your condition won't entirely help you with your gray hairs from appearing. It's just the result from the condition.

It can be linked to genetics.

There are so many cases where gray hairs are linked to genetics, and it's true. A father who possesses a head full of white hair from the age of 35 can possibly transfer his genetics to his kids. The son of the father can also go through the same and have a head full of silver hair in his mid-30s.

However, there is no way you can stop this, because it's from genetics. If it runs in the family, there are chances you'll get it, too. But you can dye your hair as an alternative to hiding the gray strands. Yet, it's up to you. You either dye your hair or embrace your silver strands!

You're a smoker.

Being a heavy smoker is definitely one of the things that causes gray hair before 30. If you're a heavy smoker or a chain smoker, don't be surprised by the gray hairs that are forming from your scalp. If you're constantly puffing on cigarettes, expect some gray hairs making their way into your hair.

So, what's a better way to stop this? Quit the smoking, of course! If you love your hair and don't wish anything bad upon it, the best way is to lay off the cigarettes. Yes, I know it's very difficult to stop, but taking baby steps is the easiest way to fully stopping. Let your hair be your main priority, as well as your health! You wouldn't want to end up in the hospital with a head of gray hairs, would you?

It can be your ethnicity, too.

Aside from genetics, ethnicity plays a major role in getting gray hairs, too. Believe it or not, depending on what race and culture your background is, this can take a toll on your hair's appearance. And there's also nothing you can do to prevent the gray hairs from coming out.

Caucasians begin to get gray hairs in their mid-30s, Asians in their late 30s, and African Americans get it in their 40s. However, this isn't always true, this is just following the majority. You can be getting gray hairs much earlier. The only way to conceal your gray hairs is by dying your hair. However, I believe you should embrace them and let your gay hairs free if ethnicity is the case! You never know, you might even look better with the salt and pepper look.

Your lifestyle plays an important role.

Your lifestyle can play a huge part when it comes to things that cause gray hair before 30. Whether you're eating unhealthy food, refusing to hit the gym, or just lying around being lazy, this can actually take a toll on your hair's appearance. Especially if you have an unhealthy diet, it'll slowly start to show in your hair.

From eating a lot of junk food to drinking alcohol often, don't be surprised when the gray hairs start to form on your scalp. You can completely change your lifestyle around by eating healthy! Not only will you feel better about yourself, but your hair will certainly thank you, too. Instead of the junk, cut that out and replace it with more healthier options, which is a great tip to have stronger, healthier hair

It can be from drug use, too.

Just like smoking cigarettes, heavy use of drugs can also be one of the reasons you're getting silver strands in your hair. The majority of drugs out there can totally ruin your appearance. From your weight to your skin, nails, and even hair, don't expect your hair to look amazing if you're a heavy drug user.

While many drugs can change the way you look, ketamine is one of the prime suspects for changing your hair's look. Not only can it cause hair to thin and eventually fall out, but it can start to form gray hairs. Once those gray hairs start to form, it's also possible for all of your hair to eventually fall out if you continue doing drugs. In order to keep your hair, lay off the drugs.

Chemotherapy can be the cause.

Finally, the result of gray hairs coming out can also be from chemotherapy. Among the things that cause gray hair before 30, if you go through chemotherapy, there's a high chance that your hair will fall out. It's because of the heavy medication they're giving you to get rid of the cancer. And this is normal.

But after finishing chemotherapy, yes, your hair does grow back. However, there are chances that gray hairs can form during the growing process. Many people deal with this right after chemotherapy. And there are times when the silver hairs growing should subside.

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9 Things That Cause Gray Hair Before 30
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