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8 Reasons Why Your Body Loves Swimming

Why Your Body Loves to Go Swimming

Swimming is beneficial to your body in a few different ways. While your body loves swimming for physical reasons, it also loves swimming for emotional and mental reasons.

1. Swimming helps improve your heart rate.

According to researchers at Harvard, swimming effectively regulates your heart rate. It does this by naturally teaching you to breathe in a healthier way, which lowers the heart rate.

2. It improves your blood flow.

Swimming helps improve your blood flow in a couple of ways. First, it helps to relieve pressure on the blood vessels in your legs. It also allows for better blood circulation in your legs and to your heart. Another way that it improves your blood flow is by working all of your muscle groups at one time.

3. It helps you maintain a healthy weight.

Swimming can burn nearly 430 calories in just one hour for the average sized person. This calorie number is for swimming at a moderate pace, so swimming at a vigorous pace can burn even more than that in one hour.

With these high numbers, it is no surprise that swimming burns more calories than walking, doing yoga, and even using an elliptical trainer at the gym. Swimming makes it easy to maintain a healthy weight.

4. Swimming tones your muscles.

Since water is denser than air it works to tone your muscles faster and more effectively than any other form of exercise. Being in the water actually works in the same way that weights do, which is by causing resistance.

5. It helps with breath control.

Since a pool makes the surrounding air moister, it makes it easier for you to breath during your exercise. It also leads to an increase in your lung volume and helps you naturally form better breathing techniques.

6. It works as a form of meditation and can reduce stress.

An exercise of any kind increases the number of endorphins in your body. Those endorphins make you feel happier, more content, and much more relaxed. Swimming, however, goes beyond that as the strokes and the sound of the water lead to even more relaxation. Plus, since you have to focus on swimming and breathing and all other thoughts are pushed away, your mind is able to meditate

7. You can workout for longer periods of time.

With typical exercises, your body will get worn out more quickly and, if you keep pushing yourself, you could cause injuries or unnecessary strain on your body. With swimming, your body weight is supported by the water, allowing you to work out longer with less damage to your body. Studies have found that swimming is one of only a few sports that doesn't cause any stress to your skeletal system.

Additionally, those who already have injuries or are considered obese can benefit from the water helping them exercise in a safe way. Heated pools add additional benefits including loosening joints and muscles.

8. Swimming helps you sleep better.

Any aerobic exercises can help you sleep better at night. The difference between swimming and those other exercises, however, is that swimming also improves other aspects of your life. Swimming is also possible for those who are unable to do other forms of exercises.

Final Thoughts on Why Your Body Loves Swimming

With so many benefits, swimming is beneficial to your body in a variety of ways. You can take care of your mind and body at the same time. If you'd like to be able to swim in your own backyard, you will be able to find pool builders in Charleston who can meet all of your needs. Pools are becoming more and more affordable and are a great investment in your health and wellbeing.

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8 Reasons Why Your Body Loves Swimming
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