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6 Reasons You're Getting Sick All the Time

Why You're Always Ill

Nobody likes getting sick. Even if you're one of those people who likes the attention and sympathy you get, nobody likes the actual feeling of being ill. And thanks to the immune system (I love that thing), most people don't actually get sick that often. But if you're one of those people who is always sick, then there could be a reason behind it.

Lack of Sleep

I really believe most adults have a lack of sleep—through no real fault of their own. Life is hard and tiring, and sleep isn't always as easy as it should be. But it is one of the ways that the body heals itself and fights off viruses and infections. So if you are getting sick a lot, it could mean you need to sleep a little more.


Again, life is hard, tiring, and stressful, so stress isn't always something that can be avoided. Family life and work responsibilities can be the cause of major stress, but they aren't things you can easily escape from.

You know when you're stressed, so do your best to find something that relaxes you and takes the edge off the stress.

Vitamin Deficiency

People think that being deficient in any vitamin or mineral can't have that much of an impact on your health, but it really can. The immune system relies on vitamins and minerals to keep it working properly, and if it doesn't get them, it just won't work as well as it should. And it's not as simple as taking a vitamin C tablet every now and then. Vitamin C does contribute massively to the immune system. It's not the only cause of frequent sickness. A lack of vitamins B and D are also a huge cause of a badly functioning immune system. 

Your Kitchen Sponge

I don't want to gross you out, but after about half an hour, your kitchen sponge and cloth contain millions and millions of bacteria. Bacteria love damp, porous surfaces. This is the perfect breeding ground for them and it means that they can multiply at an alarming rate.

And a damp sponge might not seem like that big of a deal until you realize that you clean your cutlery and crockery with that sponge, and most of that goes right into your mouth.

Keep your sponges and cloths dry by either microwaving them to dry them out or putting them into the tumble dryer for a few minutes. It won't kill all the bacteria, but it will kill a lot of it. 

Unhygienic People

Sometimes, other people are the reason you keep getting sick. Some people are just revoltingly unhygienic and don't cover their mouths when they cough or wash their hands after they have used the toilet.

Some germs from people are unavoidable. For example, you can transfer the flu virus and a lot of other germs just by talking to someone and standing a bit too close to them. 

Air Conditioning and Heating

People always say that you'll get ill if you go out when it is cold, but you're far more likely to get sick if you stay indoors! This is partly due to infected people who are already sick, and partly due to the millions of germs that breed and are circulated by the heating and air conditioning system. Hot, damp air is going to mean million and millions of bacteria. Try a dehumidifier to take the edge off the damp.

See a doctor.

Very rarely, but occasionally, being sick all the time can have a more sinister meaning. It can be a symptom of something more serious than I mentioned. If you have ruled the rest of these things out, speak to a doctor to see what they can do to help. 

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6 Reasons You're Getting Sick All the Time
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