5 Women Weight Training Myths Debunked

Don't believe everything you hear, especially when it comes to the negative affects of weight training for women.

It seems there is a never-ending supply of advice when it comes to working out and losing weight. I am no better myself; I am obsessed with learning everything I can in regards to exercise regimes, break-through supplements, and weight-loss suggestions. Like all advice, you are bound to come across an article or two spewing information that is totally false. While we are usually able to sort through the bologna, sometimes our BS detectors fail us, leaving us to believe something we shouldn’t. For example, “Don’t run, it’s bad for your knees,” “Only do cardio to lose weight,” and the famous, “Lifting weights will only bulk you up.” While I can’t debunk all the myths, here are 5 strength training rumors that we have all heard, may have believed, but are completely untrue.

Lifting weights equals bulk.

Let’s get something straight, if you lift heavy weights constantly, consume a very high caloric diet, and take weight gaining supplements than YES you could bulk up to body builder status, however it is impossible for women to build Schwarzenegger sized biceps naturally due to our low levels of testosterone. What you will get from a strength training routine is firmer, shapelier muscles, the end. 

Women should only do cardio and very light weight training.

This might as well say, “Women should only wear dresses and work in the kitchen.” What are we made out of, glass? In order to lose weight and keep in shape you will need to do both, strength training and cardio. By just doing cardio, your body will use your fat and muscle as fuel, leaving you thin but flabby and since muscle helps burn fat, by combining the two you are maximizing your weight loss. As for using very light-weights, it depends on your body. If you are working with 2-pound dumbbells and feel no resistance then your body isn’t being challenged, leaving it no reason to change and strengthen. Don't be afraid to experiment with different weights and forms of training. 

You must work every muscle individually to see the best results.

Everything about this statement is untrue. You will get better results in less time if you combine movements. Compound moves burn way more calories than single-joint exercises, so think squats plus bicep curls next time you hit the gym. Another benefit to combined movements is they often mimic everyday activities like lifting our children or grocery bags, which can help in your overall strength and lessen your chances of injury.  Lastly, a major plus to compound training is time. We all don't have 2 hours to spend at the gym so for those with limited time, this is excellent news to hear! 

If you stop lifting, all your muscle will turn to fat.


Can a cat turn into a dog? No, it can’t and neither can muscle turn into fat. They are two totally different things and could never morph into each other. When you stop working out, your muscles are used less which means you burn less fat and gain fat faster. Many look at themselves after they have discontinued there workout regime and see there once firm arms are now not so firm. This is not your muscle turning into fat, this is you losing your muscle mass and fat taking its place. While it is ok to take a break now and again, be sure to keep your eating habits on track and return to exercising at some point if you don't want to lose everything you worked so hard for.

Women are only in the gym to lose weight.

Have you ever heard the term, "personal training," that's because each person's physical desires are different hence the "personal."  Not all women go to the gym to drop pounds or be thin, some women love curves and I don't mean just butts I mean curves of a muscle. Whether it be thighs, biceps, or abs, some females train just to show off those hard earned muscles. Or how about women weight lifting just to get stronger and healthier? Is that really so bizarre? Building muscle and strength will only improve your overall body from posture to recovery from injuries, especially as you age.

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5 Women Weight Training Myths Debunked
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