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5 Ways to Become a Better Fitness Instructor

Being the Best Fitness Instructor You Can Be

As a fitness instructor, your life depends on the people you’re working with. If they like the way you encourage them to work out, and the way your workouts are structured, they will think highly of you, and show up to your workouts instead of those of a different instructor. Becoming a good fitness instructor relies on several different factors. Here are the five best ways you can become a better fitness instructor within the year. 

1. Pay attention to your members.

The most important people who you will talk to throughout the day are the members who are in the room with you. They are the people who determine your hours, pay, and overall job. If you want to be a better fitness instructor, these are the people who you will pay the most attention to. You need to realize you can't be narcissistic when you’re in a fitness room, because you’re not the most important person there. Because of this, you should try to make the people there feel comfortable, respected, and noticed. Talk to them before and after the class, and make them feel like you care about them. Learn the names of the people who come to your class regularly, and do your best to remember the names of those who don’t come to every class. Making people feel special will make them more likely to come to the class again and again. 

2. Look to the future.

The next thing you can do to become a better instructor is to look ahead. You need to realize that you can’t spend your whole life as a fitness instructor–you’re going to have to move on and get a bigger job after a few years. If you’re keeping a long-term perspective in mind, you’re going to start talking to the right people. You’ll start to be noticed by people who can work with you to be better and better. This means that while you’re working as a nutritionist, you will want to complete a masters program online to have higher education in your back pocket. Then, when you’re looking to expand your career, you can. 

3. Switch up your class.

When you’re doing the same thing every day, your members might start feeling like the workout is repetitive or monotonous. Then, after the first week of January, they start dropping out. To combat this, and to combat your own boredom with your class, switch things up. Try different versions of the workout, and look for feedback from the class. Even better, ask the members what they want to see happen in the fitness class, and what things they like. To get ideas, attend the classes of other fitness instructors who you’re not usually working with. 

4. Sleep and eat right.

To be the best fitness instructor that you can be, do the things that you expect your members to do. You expect them to eat an hour or more before they come (so they don’t get sick on the floor), and you expect them to come with enough energy to complete the class. Do this same thing. Eat healthy, especially on the days you’ll be leading a class. You want to put forth your best foot, and show your class that you have energy even after the workout. This also means that you need to get plenty of sleep the night before, and throughout the week. Never show up to class feeling like you’re ready for a nap. Instead, focus on getting amazing sleep at night. 

5. Come into class with a great attitude.

The last thing that you need to do to become a great fitness instructor is to come into class with a good attitude. Never show up with a frown, and be ready to scream at the members in your class. Leave your attitude at home, and come ready to be fully invested in the fitness journey of the members who are attending your class.

Becoming a better fitness instructor relies on how your members look at you. If you’re focusing on learning about their lives, their interests, and you care about their fitness journeys, your members will love your class and attend every one. 

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5 Ways to Become a Better Fitness Instructor
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