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4 Steps to Take Every Morning for a Healthier Mindset

Without the right mindset, your day will already be off to a rough start!

As we wake up in the morning there could be some mixed feelings going on, wouldn't you say?

Something could have happened the night before, a fight with a friend, family member, spouse or significant other. 

Something could have been bothering you all day and you took it to bed with you, and it's still on your mind as soon as you open your eyes.

There could be something that you are anticipating that day & you already start your day with that anxiety before you even get a chance to get out of bed.

Or, you may be feeling unfulfilled and unsatisfied with life right now, so you wake up morning after morning just dragging your feet not sure what's next.

Well, no matter the reason, we have all woken up in the morning feeling stressed out, anxious, worrisome, or already exhausted before the day even begins.

How is that even fair? It's not fair, it's not fair at all, but don't they say that life isn't fair? Well, that may be true in some cases, but this is something that you have complete control over. It's not fair, because you aren't being fair to yourself. 

You don't even give yourself the chance, you wake up in a bad mood, feeling anxious, feeling like the day is already over when it really has just begun.

You may say, "Well, sometimes life happens & I am allowed to feel groggy & grumpy sometimes."

Well, my dear, you are 100% correct, but just because you are allowed to feel that way, does that mean that you have to? Of course not! Now, I'm not saying that you will never feel sad or bothered by life, but when you know you have the control & the tools to take control of your day & how it goes, then it becomes easier & more natural to brush those feelings off & continue to enjoy the day that you have been blessed with. You may not be able to control all of life's events, but you can control how you react & how much you will allow it to affect you.

For many years, I woke up regretting the day. I was already letting it waste away before I even got out of bed. until I woke up one day feeling like this is really no way to live. I realized that only I had control over how I was feeling & it all starts with your mindset & how you are looking at each day you are given. Are you looking at it as a burden or a blessing?

So I created 4 steps to take to ensure that you are resetting your mindset every morning, no matter the circumstance so that you can give yourself a fair chance to conquer & enjoy each day because tomorrow is not promised, so I want you to take advantage of each that you are blessed with, starting with today.

4 Steps to Take for a Healthier Mindset Before You Start Your Day

I remember when I first started these steps, I did them quickly, I didn't always make time for them & it was something done sporadically. When I did that I felt very unbalanced & still wasn't completely satisfied. It wasn't until I completely committed a specific time just for these steps that I started to see and feel the difference. I finally made it a habit and because I did that, I am in control and I decide where my energy goes. So make sure that you are consistent because you are worth it. If you want it, you will find the time.

Now, time for the game changer!

Step # 1: Read positive affirmations or scripture.

Instead of grabbing your phone and looking at text messages, social media, TV, or youtube first thing in the morning, look up a few positive affirmations or scriptures first. By having the internet, the positive words you are needing are at the tips of your fingers.

By reading positive words in the morning, you are renewing your mind & your soul, which gives you that refreshing start & motivation to make that day a good one.

Step 2: Pray or meditate on those affirmations or scriptures.

Whatever your preference may be, I want you to focus on those words. By just reading these positive words and getting up right away is not enough to fill your soul. When you actually shut that device off and sit in silence, that is when you are able to really think about what you just read. I don't know about you, but I am a huge believer in praying & I make it a daily habit. When I pray about what I just read & what I am going through, it helps me work out whatever I am feeling & it helps me feel the comfort of God that I need every day.

By focusing on your daily affirmations, you are allowing your mind to process it and even create a whole new perspective from what you just read and thought about.

After you meditate or pray on those words, take three deep breaths so you can inhale those positive words & exhale your problems.

Step 3: Do some stretching or exercise.

Now, some may do their exercising at night, which is my preference & if it is, do your stretching in the morning before you hop in the shower. But make sure you make time for either one of them in the morning.

Stretching & exercising is not only vital for a healthy body but it is also vital for a healthy mind. You are allowing these regiments to take over your thoughts & instead of thinking about what is going wrong, you are breathing and thinking about your current activity. It allows you to focus solely on what you are doing and not what is going on behind and around you. When you do these activities they may hurt & feel uncomfortable at first, but when you consistently do these regiments, you will feel accomplished & start feeling healthier.

For exercising: (make sure you have something in your stomach before you workout—you have to have some fuel before you workout) take 30-45 minutes to get your work out in, if you can't dedicate that every day, dedicate what you can, I don't care if it's for 10 minutes, the important thing is that you still do it.

For Stretching: Take 5-7 minutes each morning to stretch out & breathe through it all. With every stretch, don't forget to inhale and exhale. You will notice a feeling of calm & relief.

Step 4: Go freshen up & eat something.

Sounds pretty simple, huh? Well, when you take a shower, brush your teeth, do your hair & put on some fresh clothes, you are taking care of yourself. You are caring about your hygiene, which helps you feel fresh & ready to start your day.

Also, what do they say? Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, right? Well, it's true. I always feel my best when I eat something. That means, my stomach is not growling, I won't get a headache, which means, I am in a better mood and even more prepared to take on each day.

By doing these 4 simple steps in the morning, you are rebooting your mind & giving yourself a chance to take control and take advantage of each day.

When you take care of your mind, you are taking care of yourself, which result in a healthier and happier you, which helps you even create a whole new perspective!

If you stay consistent you will see the outcome you are looking for.

Remember, you have complete control over your mind and the way you look at each day. Are you ready to reboot your mind this morning, so you can take advantage of this day and every day you are blessed with?

I hope you find you peace of mind in these 4 steps. These are steps that I use every day, so care to join me? Print this page out, take a screenshot on your phone, place it where you have easy access & make this your focus until it becomes a routine.


Nea Marina xoxoxo ♥

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4 Steps to Take Every Morning for a Healthier Mindset
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