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310 Nutrition Changed My Daily Routine

For the better, of course.

Those shakes you’ve seen all over the internet... you’ve seen their ads and you’ve seen celebrities posting about them, too. If you haven’t tried them yet, I know you’re at least a little curious about them. Kill your curiosity here and learn why I’m obsessed with 310 Nutrition.

I saw the ads for a while before I decided to buy. For several months I had been looking for ways to cut down on sugar and carbs and had found it to be such a struggle! I’m on the go so much and out of my house for long periods of time, so “healthy” snacks like protein and granola bars have become my go to. I counted on these to hold over my hunger until I got home at night and could cook myself a real meal. Unfortunately, I never felt like my hunger was truly satisfied and began bloating and breaking out much worse than I could ever remember.

Why? I didn’t know at first either. I increased my exercise, my water intake, even ate less during actual meals. None of these “solutions” helped because the problem was all the sugar and carbs these “healthy” snacks contain! I started paying closer attention to food labels, past the calories and grams of fat, and began realizing how many “healthy” foods or snacks are actually so bad to have.

I threw out all my protein bars and granola bars, sweating them off. But my problem of hunger throughout the day resurfaced and I was left with no solutions. Cue problem number two: Binge eating and stuffing my face once I got home. I think you can guess the success rate of that option.

I finally started paying attention to those 310 ads. People who had them loved them were losing weight and were feeling healthier than they had before. I decided to order a starter kit, which provides a shaker bottle, samples of each flavor, and a $10 gift card towards your future purchase. Instantly, I loved the taste, and since they are only 90 calories and a gram net carb per serving, I am able to add a few things to the shake (should I choose) without stacking up a huge amount of calories or can have it by itself as a snack. They are quick and easy to make, adding only a few minutes to my daily routine.

The shakes are 90 calories per serving, regardless of the flavor. They are meant as a meal replacement, and deliver 15 grams of protein. Typically, I'll make my shakes two different ways. I ordered the vanilla chai flavor (more versatility with add ins). I’ll brew and chill a cup of coffee (unflavored), put one scoop of the 310 shake mix and a splash of coconut milk coffee creamer (around 30 calories per two tablespoons), and lastly, the scoop of collagen protein mix. I like this as my breakfast shake because it combines my meal and my morning coffee all into one! Otherwise, I mix the shake mix with a serving of greens superfood mix (can be found at supplement stores or the supermarket) and water. I like to keep it in the freezer for a while, too.

I haven't personally seen any weight loss, but I do more work with weights at the gym to build muscle than I do cardio. My BMI is already where it needs to be, but I do feel much healthier and more energized throughout the day. It has been about a month of me drinking one or two shakes a day, and I do notice a decrease in my bloating, water retention, and cravings.

The shakes have proven to be my go- to solution that actually works! Aside from the high protein content and low calorie count, the shakes also have no sugar, no soy, gluten free, dairy free and are both clean eating and keto friendly! They hold me over for 2-3 hours (depending what else I include in the shake).

Other mix-ins for the shake can be fruits, other supplement mixes/vitamin mixes, almond milk, coconut milk, and low-fat or lactose milk.

310 Nutrition offers several deals and bundles on their website. You can also Google “310 starter pack” for a variety of packages that allow you to sample their products. They have way more than just shakes: Detox teas, lemonades, probiotic juices, workout accessories, and more. So far, I have sampled their shakes, detox teas, and juices, and absolutely love them all. Articles about the tea and juice are soon to follow!

Check back soon for an article with a variety of recipes to try with your 310 Nutrition shake mixes!

If you are interested in starting your lifestyle change with 310 Nutrition, you can request to join their Facebook group community. Members often share recipes for the shakes, clean eating meals they love, and support each other in their lifestyle changes and/or road to weight loss! The name of the group is simply "310 Nutrition Community." Hope to see you there!

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310 Nutrition Changed My Daily Routine
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