2018 Is the Year to Get a Healthier Lifestyle

By Skylar


Lifestyle Changes

2018 is the year for us to get healthy. For many people, including myself, their New Year's resolution had something to do with health, losing weight, or dieting. Most people will start dieting and working out like crazy in the first couple weeks of a new year. When the proper way to stick with these lifestyle changes would be to simply ease yourself into it all. 

How to Make a Good New Year's Resolution:

Another key factor to making these resolutions happen and stick with them so you don't have the same unsuccessful resolution every year is to alter your goals so that they are better overall. Instead of saying you're going to be skinnier you should say how much weight you want to lose by when so you have a real goal that you are working towards and can track your progress. For example, say you really need to lose that stubborn belly fat, that you have been trying to get rid of for years. First, you will need to understand that everyone's body is different and what works wonders for one person might not work the same for you. Generally, the ideal way to lose body fat is not to just exercise more or eat healthier, but a heathy combination of both. You cannot go and eat McDonald's everyday and then go to the gym and expect to lose the weight you want to lose. Second, you need to set a very specific goal such as, by April 15 you want to have lose 15 pounds. That equals about five pounds a month. This, for some people, may seem very easy but for others it can seem very challenging. One thing I highly recommend is to download a free calorie counting app. I like the MyFitnessPal app in the apple App Store the best. Now by using an app like this the goal is not to eat anything you want as long as it's under the recommended daily calorie intake the app will suggest to you based off of your age, gender, weight, and height. But instead make you aware of how much you really eat in a day and realize how bad for you a lot of processed foods are for you. Logging in your calories will be very tedious the first week or two but you will quickly get used to doing it every time you eat. However, the main goal of adjusting your diet should not be based off of the calories because some really crappy, processed, high in fat foods can have a lower amount of calories. My suggestion is not to use the app to get all caught up in the amount of calories you are eating but use it to be more aware of the food you are putting in your mount and use it as an opportunity to look at the food labels and see how much fat, protein, sugar, and sodium is in everything you're eating.  

My New Year's Resolution and How I Plan to Make it Happen:

My New Year's resolution is to lose ten pounds by April 15, then start gaining weight in muscle mass. To top this I need to workout more and alter my diet. I have been slowly cutting some of the bad processed, unhealthy foods and on Friday I will be starting a juice cleanse to further get rid of the toxins that have been building up in my body from all of the proceeded foods. I plan to do a two to three day cleanse and will update y'all on Friday to see how the first day went. 

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2018 Is the Year to Get a Healthier Lifestyle
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