20 Things I've Chosen to Stop Giving a Shit About

Stop Caring So Much 2k17

As an anxiety-stricken millennial, I have found that the source of most of my problems is that I seem to care about all of the unimportant things. Most of which come from caring what others think about the things I maybe SHOULD care about. So I am putting it out there for you to hopefully relate to. Some of the things on this list are everyday/all the time things, while others are just happening as I'm writing right this second. Here are the things I am no longer giving my time and energy to. Let me know if you relate.

1. That one small section in the back of my hair that I always tend to miss when I'm straightening or curling my hair. 

2. The leftover glitter from a Lush Sunnyside Bubble Bar that is dried on the bottom and sides of my bathtub. I mean... it's glitter

3. I'm writing this instead of unpacking from two trips. 

4. Washing my jeans with any sort of regularity. That's that.

5. And let's be real...I couldn't tell you the last time I washed my bra. I just take it off, hang it on a door knob, and come back to that one in a few days. 

6. Being one of the few people that actually washes their hair more than the recommended amount. I know it's not good for it, but let me live my life, hairdressers.

7. My glasses are always crooked or that may just be my face. They're also usually so dirty that I can see better when I just take them off. 

8. Yes, I'm wearing purple socks, and yes, you can kind of see them with these booties on. 

9. Zits. I've come to terms with the fact that sometimes my face feels like being a dramatic, emotional 13-year-old. 

10. My wallet matching my bag. Also, I don't own any bra/panty sets. 

11. Shaving my legs. I do it. I love it. But I do it when I'm good and ready and only then

12. Texting back when I don't care about the conversation at all. I'm not a charity, people. 

13. I never change my earrings. I used to wear different earrings and jewelry for every outfit, but I have 12 piercings and that's a lot of effort. So I picked out my basics and rarely stray away. 

14. Trimming my dead ends. I'm blond...it's awful..I know.

15. Using the brand name Beauty Blender. NOPE. It's overpriced. I cleaned and took care of mine on the regular and it still accumulated mold way before the price was worth it. Instead, I use the Real Techniques version of the Beauty Blender. It's the same texture and density. So much cheaper too. Oh, and no mold ever. 

16. Having my nails painted all the time (or ever).

17. The inside and outside of my car is just filthy. Also, one of my hubcaps came off when I was driving one day... and at this point, it's just adding character. I've been driving around with a missing hubcap since August. 

18. All of my shoes make me taller than MOST boys, and I'm done caring.

19. I don't get enough sleep and that's OK. I do my best, MOM! 

To end this...let's get real. 

20. I've stopped caring that I'm not always happy. Most of my days, I'm trapped in my head and feeling a little crazy. Every so often, I get a break. I'm done faking it until I'm OK. I won't fill your ears or timelines with my sadness and struggles because that's not my style, but I do appear when I'm OK for a minute. Some may call it faking a smile for likes, but for me—I'm celebrating my rare good day. 

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