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10 Oracle Card Decks That Promote Wellness

Oracle card decks are usually used for divination, but these will offer wellness advice that works for your body and mind.

It's no secret that oracle card decks have a lot to offer those who want to do a little bit of divination, but there's so much more to these kits than just wanting to see what's in the future. Even if you're not a believer, there are oracle cards out there that offer awesome insight and guidance towards your own wellness journey.

Some oracle cards are meant to help you figure out how to live a better, healthier life through gentle encouragement and awesome advice that you can just pick up and read through.

Truth be told, they reach into areas that the most beautiful tarot card decks you can buy, like a typical Rider-Waite tarot deck, doesn't. If you're not a fan of tarot decks or just want to try something new, maybe it's time to give these a try while you attain better mental and physical states of being.

The Secret Language of Color Cards by Inna Segal

If you're feeling confused about the difference between tarot and oracle cards, they're pretty similar. Essentially, oracle cards are a special type of tarot cards with a bit more flexibility to what the decks consist of. They can be much larger or much smaller, while tarot decks have a relatively uniform size.

It’s no secret that color therapy has been proven to help alleviate stress and also lift up moods. Though this is one of many oracle card decks that’s meant for spiritual education, it also works as a wonderful way to get some more color in your life.

These color cards are great for mulling over if you’re looking for color therapy. They also work wonders to help you understand the meaning of colors in your world.

Heal Yourself Reading Cards by Inna Segal

Technically, this is not quite a member of the oracle card decks family. However, it is an oracle deck for all intents and purposes. But, it’s not really a deck that’s used for divination like most others on this list. However, since it is a little different, that makes it good for both people who are very familiar with spirituality as well as those who are newer to it.

The Heal Yourself Reading Cards are meant to help unlock new ways to achieve a new level of wellness. Enjoy the artwork, read the empowering sentiments, and use the process to reflect and get better.

Earth Warriors Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild and Isabel Bryna

If you're interested in how to achieve spiritual wellness through tarot and oracle cards, this deck is a fantastic starting place. Do you ever feel powerless when it comes to the way the world works? Does it always seem like you just can’t bring yourself to feel motivated? The Earth Warriors Oracle is one of the better decks out there for people who want to empower themselves.

This deck is primarily a divinatory deck, but each card in it has a very strong, empowering message. Whether you’ve been looking to feed your inner spiritual warrior or just need a pep talk, it’s a good deck for you to pick up.

The Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild

Rebellion can be a very healthy act to do, especially if what you’re rebelling against are toxic beliefs. This is one of the few oracle card decks that places a very strong emphasis on finding what you feel should be the truth, rather than going with the flow.

If you have been feeling stuck in your wellness routine, hurt by bullies, or otherwise burdened by “supposed to’s,” this may be the deck you’ve been looking for.

Whispers of Healing Oracle Cards by Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD

With a name like Whispers of Healing, there’s no doubt that these oracle cards will bring your wellness to the forefront of your mind. This deck is all about helping you make better decisions for your health, and helping you heal your soul.

You can expect stress-relieving tips, awesome wellness ideas, as well as beautiful imagery.

Mind Body Makeover Cards by Mona Lisa Schulz

If you're into meditation and wellness, you already know that there are serious parallels between your mind and body. If you heal your mind,  you heal your body. Even doing things like keeping healthy habits becomes easier.

Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz understands this. That's why she made the Mind/Body Makeover Cards. These oracle cards aren't used for divination, but are used to help overwrite the patterns that cause you problems and pain in your life.

Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland

For those of you who are already spiritually aligned, you are likely very aware of the moon's influence on the natural world. Yasmin Boland brings to life oracle cards that, while using the moon as your guide, will allow you to consider how you spend your life's energy in everyday situations. With the moon in consistent motion, using these cards will orient you on when you retreat, when to shift your focus, and when to shine as bright as you can.

Shamanic Healing Oracle Cards by Schiffer Publishing, LTD

Some oracle cards are more spiritual, but this one is more about the wellness side of things. This unique set of cards is one that focuses on connecting your spiritual and human existence, allowing you to reflect on energy you spend worrying about the things that can wrong or the fears that you may have. By doing so, you allow yourself the opportunity to effectively navigate these elements of your life so that you can live more at peace in the world today.

Work Your Light Oracle Carsd by Rebecca Campbell

Part of the concept of emotional wellness includes improving your overall energy that you send out into the world. A troubled soul is one that tends to attract negativity because they tend to release negative vibes when they're around others.

The Work Your Light Oracle Card Set is made to help you learn how to become a better, more uplifting person. Go ahead, let your inner light shine.

Shamanic Medicine Oracle Cards by Barbara Meiklejohn-Free

Unlike traditional modern medicine, shamanic medicine believes in the presence of spirits and the use of healing energy. It's a form of healing that has become increasingly respected by doctors, especially when it comes to illnesses that have not quite been explained. 

This is one of the few oracle card decks to unlock principles used by ancient medicine men. This deck works well for reinforcing wellness knowledge and divination, making it a true heavy hitter. If you're looking to improve your wellness and stress management skills, this shamanic approach is very interesting.

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10 Oracle Card Decks That Promote Wellness
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