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10 Best Natural Sleep Remedies to Cure Insomnia

Is your insomnia disrupting your precious sleeping schedule? Try out any of these helpful, natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia for a great night's sleep.

Insomnia is one of the worst sleeping disorders to deal with on a daily basis because it prevents you from relaxing and getting a full night's rest. My college friend, Jen, dealt with the worse case of insomnia and she's also a nursing major. As a nursing major, we need sleep! Since we study literally all day, we expect to gain restful sleep at night. Jen hardly slept at all because of her insomnia. When she couldn't sleep, she'd study more and this completely drained her.

She came to a point where she was too exhausted to show up to classes and that's when I decided to help her out and look up ways to make her fall asleep. There's actually a ton of natural remedies to cure insomnia to gain a good night's sleep. After jotting down a couple of methods and mentioning them to Jen, she hasn't stopped using a few of the remedies to help her sleep because they worked ideally for her. There are even times when I had to wake her up for class! That's how well the remedies were working for her.

If you're looking for the best natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia and grant you well-rested sleep, consider giving any of these methods a shot. Any one of them is bound to knock you out!

White Noise Sound Machine

There are so many people who actually rely on a white noise machine to help them fall asleep, even if they don't deal with insomnia. Parents also use this machine to lure their child into slumber and block out any surrounding noises to prevent them from waking up. If you're the lightest sleeper and can easily be awoken by the sound of a fly, I highly suggest getting the white noise sound machine by Marpac.

This classic sound machine features a dual speed motor, unique asymmetrical fan, and acoustic housing to create the soothing sound of rushing air to lull you to sleep and block out any existing noises around you. White noise promotes relaxation prior to sleep through a consistent peaceful sound that your brain adjusts to. The noise can actually clear up your mind and help you focus on falling asleep.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is beneficial in so many ways, and this includes insomnia! It's one of the best natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia because coconut oil can improve your blood circulation and relax your nerves to help you sleep in an instant. It's also one of the simple ways to strengthen your inner energy.

What you’ll do is warm up coconut oil, then rub the oil on your shoulders, neck, back, and even the bottom of your feet. Gently massage them into your skin in circular motions for about five to ten minutes. Once you’re finished, rinse your body off with warm water. You should do this treatment once every day before you sleep to help ease your nerves!

Chamomile, Cinnamon Powder, and Honey

Natural remedies like chamomile, cinnamon, and honey work like a charm when it comes to calming your body and helping you sleep. Both chamomile and honey have anti-inflammatory properties that decrease any swelling that's occurring in the throat and any airway blockage. In this case, honey might lubricate your throat to stop you from snoring if snoring is one of the reasons you can’t fall asleep. Aside from honey, cinnamon holds calming properties, too.

What better way to combine them all than in a hot beverage as one of the best natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia? First off, boil hot water and mix in dried chamomile. Allow it to steep for about three to five minutes before straining the tea. Next, add the honey and the cinnamon powder and make sure you stir well so the mixture is well combined. Do this one hour before heading to bed and once every day. 

Gummy Supplements

If you're looking for something quick to put you out, then you should definitely check out these sleep gummy supplements. These gummies are one of the most effective, natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia right now. It's like taking vitamin gummies, but the Restful Sleep Gummy Supplement by OLLY is specifically designed to help you fall asleep.

The OLLY gummies are a blend of melatonin, l-theanine, and botanicals like chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm. It supports a healthy sleep cycle and it’s formulated with only all-natural sources with delicious flavors. It’s gluten-free and you’ll only need to take two gummies before bed without the need of food and water. 


When we're stressed out and/or dealing with anxiety, this can cause us to toss and turn in the middle of the nights. Whether we're going through personal issues or school/work is overwhelming us, it can be harder for us to focus on sleeping. There are many remedies to help with stress and anxiety, and exercising is one of them!

Exercising is a great method to destress, calm you down, and even tire you out. You want to feel and be tired when you head to bed so you can sleep easier. Try to exercise every day or at least once every other day. This can benefit your slumber, help clear your thoughts, and stay fit all in one!

Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is seen to be a natural remedy that’s been used for years now. Aside from the oil being used to make perfume, the lavender extractions can definitely ease the pain and diminish nervous tension that’s being built up throughout the day. Lavender oil possesses a relaxing and soothing effect that can help you when you’re aiming for a good night’s sleep.

There are so many ways you can use lavender oil to help you lull into slumber. This lavender oil by Healing Solutions is known to be the most unique and effective oil on the market because it's made with 100 percent pure lavender. Probably the most powerful method is making a warm bath and putting a few drops of lavender oil. Not only will the warm water itself help you relax, but the lavender oil will calm your nerves and muscles. Allow your body to soak in the mixture for about 20 minutes before draining the tub. Do this treatment an hour before heading to bed every day.


Yes, a banana is one of the best natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia! Even though many people know that banana contains potassium, the fruit also has serotonin, melatonin, and magnesium that are all known to calm you down and relax your nerves and muscles.

Simply eating one banana daily can help ease you down and increase your ability to fall asleep better. It's recommended to eat two bananas every day to allow the banana to take effect.

Lemon Balm

You’ve noticed that lemon balm is incorporated in the previous supplements because it’s a powerful botanical that can help with sleeping disorders, which makes it one of the most natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia. However, why not consider using straight lemon balm to help you achieve the best sleep ever? Lemon balm is mainly used to lift your mood and promote calmness and relaxation. The botanical can actually help you physically by relaxing the nerves and mentally by clearing your mind.

The best way to use lemon balm is by putting it in tea. Fill a mug with hot water and mix in the lemon balm. You can put 30-40 drops of the extract in your tea or in plain water. You should consume this every day of the week to let the lemon balm take effect and help you calm down in order to sleep properly!

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a very popular herb that many people specifically use to help them unwind and sleep comfortably. I personally drink chamomile tea almost every night to help me relax after hours of studying, as it's one of the best teas for anxiety and insomnia. It also tastes really great, too, and I got my friend Jen into the tea. Traditional Medicinals' chamomile tea is certainly the perfect one that ideally aims to calm your nervous system and even support your digestion. 

All of the ingredients are certified organic and they’re all top-quality herbs. The tea gives off a floral, honey, and bittersweet taste, but after finishing just one cup, you’ll feel like you’re ready for bed! There's never a time when I finished a cup of chamomile tea and didn't feel sleepy at all.

Epsom Salt Bath

Lastly, an Epsom salt bath is among the greatest natural sleep remedies to cure insomnia in the fastest way possible. Epsom salt is highly recommended by Naturopathic practitioners for people with insomnia to take a bath infused with the salt right before heading to bed. This method will promote a more rested night without waking up in the middle of your slumber. The salt holds magnesium that soothes sore muscles and calms down nerves, which helps when you’re looking to pass out in an instant.

People with sleeping disorders, or those who simply want to relax after a stressful day, should fill their bathtub with water and add Epsom salt by Epsoak. This type of Epson salt is top-quality and is known to be very therapeutic when using it in a bath. It can relieve your worst aching muscles, calm your nerves, and even detoxify the skin. I know many of us are looking for ways to flush out the toxins! Stir the salt into the bath until they’ve completely dissolved. Let your body soak in the water for about 20 minutes and do this multiples time a week for an hour before going to sleep at night.

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